As more and more homeowners are going online to find their contractors, home improvement businesses must stay with the “technology trends” in the home improvement industry. 

In a previous article, we discussed the need to embrace digital marketing to improve your business. Now, we are building on this concept to help you see the logistical side. You will see that integrating technology allows your business to run more efficiently while increasing your capacity to work with more homeowners.  

A common concern among home improvement professionals is using new or unfamiliar technology. However, the digital age in which we are living will not slow down. Manual and outdated processes will only work for so long before businesses need to adapt to keep up with the competition.  

Integrating technology with your home improvement business is a great way to automate certain aspects of your business, helping you improve the overall experience you are offering homeowners and potential customers. 

Times are changing, and more homeowners are going online. As you learn about the benefits of technology in the home improvement industry, you will quickly see why technology integration should be high on your priority list. 

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Why You Need a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System 

Homeowner demand is increasing, especially since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. As demand goes up and the industry gets increasingly competitive, it can be hard to keep track of manual reporting systems for lead monitoring and the homeowner journey.  

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, such as SalesForce or Zoho, is a great solution to reduce human error and organize your reporting. CRM systems help you keep track of critical information, such as: 

  • Homeowner contact information 
  • Homeowner journey in the sales funnel 
  • Appointment dates and reminders 
  • Potential revenue available from a project 

CRMs are easy to navigate, giving you an easy solution to improve the efficiency of your organization.

Boost Speed-to-Lead to With Dialing Automation

Phone technology is another way you can boost communication and connect with potential leads as quickly as possible. Fast response to a new lead increases the likelihood of that homeowner moving forward with your services. 

Telecom software assists with this process. In addition to streamlining your speed to lead tactics, the software also provides realistic metrics for dialing and touchpoints. Using dialing automation ensures a smooth follow-up cadence with homeowners. Additionally, you can save time by using message customization. 

These tracking metrics also give you insights into dial attempts and contact rates. Then, you can use the data to optimize your results by identifying the best times of day for follow-up calls. 

Reporting Automation Takes Your Business to the Next Level

Finally, do not underestimate the power of reporting automation. When your business integrates with reporting automation software, it gives you the ability to measure the most important performance metrics, such as gross sales and revenue amount.  

The goal is to help you see the bigger picture to determine how your business is performing. Use this information to make the most effective changes that help you grow your business using the data you have.  

Leveraging the Benefits of Technology in the Home Improvement Industry

Are you an early adopter of integrated technology in your contracting business? Or, are you hesitant to move forward because you are still looking for the right tools and solutions to use in your daily workflows? Technology is changing the home improvement industry, making it easier for contractors and homeowners to connect.  

Technology simplifies and maximizes running a business, and our team at Modernize is here to help. Reach out to learn more about how your contracting business can benefit from technology solutions for lead generation and customer management. 

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