Getting started with a roofing project is often an overwhelming experience for many homeowners. Once homeowners have begun investing in a new roof project, they often need valuable resources to understand pricing, timelines, roofing styles, and more. 

How are you adjusting your sales process to address the common concerns for homeowners? Understanding the stresses of starting a roofing project allows you to set homeowners up for success when they are ready to move forward with their projects. 

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Homeowner Research about Roofing Services

In our recent “Homeowner Insights,” eBook, homeowners pursuing roofing projects are spending time conducting extensive research. For example, 56 percent of homeowners spend between 1 and 5 hours researching before submitting a form to connect with a contractor 

  • 22 percent of roof-prospecting homeowners are spending more than 10 hours researching  
  • 36 percent of homeowners plan to spend 1 to 5 more hours researching home improvement contractors  
  • 21 percent of homeowners don’t intend to spend any more time on research before hiring a contractor 

Research is a priority for most homeowners. One way to establish a relationship with potential clients is by offering information about available services. Focus on education first. Then the sale will naturally follow. 

Why are Homeowners Stressing about Roofing Projects?

Many factors contribute to the stress a homeowner is experiencing. For example, our homeowner surveys show that 42 percent of homeowners worry about their home improvement projects, with roofing projects causing the most stress. Notables stressors that you need to address in the sales process: 

  • Planning a Project During COVID: The pandemic has resulted in communication challenges, such as virtual meetings (limited face-to-face interactions) and ongoing concerns about family safety when contractors come into the house.  
  • Cost of Roofing Services: It is no secret that roofing projects are expensive. In 2020, 30 percent of homeowners reported that price was the number one factor when choosing a contractor. Within the last three months, the cost has risen by 7 percent, and 45 percent of homeowners across trades report that they had to pause or cancel a project due to the price.  
  • Budgeting for Roofing Replacement: 77 percent of homeowners have not created a budget for their project. When it is time to install a new roof, contractors need to be ready to share information about budgeting and financing solutions to help homeowners overcome these concerns. 

Home Improvement Contractors: How to Reduce Stress for Homeowners?

Establishing a relationship with each homeowner is crucial in determining if you get the project or not. This process starts by understanding the homeowner’s needs, wants, and concerns. When you address these stress points, it leads the conversation toward closing the deal. 

One of the highest priorities with your roofing prospects is to maintain open lines of communication. Give homeowners multiple ways of contacting you to give each homeowner the peace of mind that they can always reach you when needed.  

Since budget is a big concern, help homeowners explore their financing options. Take the time to set a budget and design a financial plan with each homeowner. You build value in this process by explaining where every penny is going towards their roofing project.  

As you build trust with each person, their stress levels come down, and you establish long-lasting relationships. Homeowners are confident in the services you are offering, which means they will continue coming back to you when they need roofing help in the future. Plus, happy customers help your business grow through ongoing referrals when friends and family need roofing services. 

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