Home renovations are personal and intensive, which is why homeowners and remodelers must maintain excellent communication through every stage of the project. As with other specialties in the industry, interior remodelers need to understand the best practices for communicating with homeownersHow are you keeping the lines of communication open before, during, and after each project? 

Since many homeowners do not consider the best methods to communicate with their remodelers, it is up to you to set the tone for communication. As you implement different strategies and techniques, you can streamline the process to optimize the overall experienceimproving customer satisfaction. 

The best communication practice for interior remodelers is to focus on the homeowner’s needs and specifics about the timeline, project details, and more. Consider these tips for establishing effective communication with homeowners.  

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Why Communication Matters In the Renovation Industry

In a recent survey, we asked homeowners if communication matters when choosing a provider. The results show that 21 percent of homeowners are least likely to hire a contractor who does not effectively communicate with them.  

To show that you deserve the job, always have open lines of communication for every part of the project. For example, communicate with your homeowners when you are going to be late. Doing so will show your willingness to work with your homeowners and your devotion to working with them on their dream projects.   

Best Practices For Maintaining Open Communication With Your Customers

Managing good communication is vital in the remodeling industry. As you learn the best practices for communicating with homeowners, you develop stronger business relationships – which can help your company grow in the future. 

Consider these communicating plans for interior remodelers to support your leads and current customers: 

  • Open and ongoing communication: Always err on the side of too much contact. When a homeowner is spending thousands of dollars on your services, they need to know that you follow through with every detail of the project. Ask each homeowner about their preferred method of contact, then set a schedule and system to ensure you reach out at the correct times.  
  • Project updates and timelines: In addition to providing clear information during the planning and onboarding phases, also be proactive about informing homeowners of project updates and timelines. People want to know the status of the project and how things are progressing. These updates not only educate your customers but are also touchpoints to strengthen the relationship.  
  • Discussing available options: Sometimes, homeowners come with specific designs or requests, but there are often situations where you need to guide these decisions. Work with homeowners to choose the best material while also being mindful of their budget. Answer questions, offer alternatives and discuss the pros and cons of different choices. 

Advantages of Improving Communication With Homeowners

When you improve your communication with your homeowners, you can always expect wonderful benefits. Here are a few advantages to keep in mind: 

  • Solidifying customer relationships: At the beginning of the project, build a strong relationship. During and after the project, maintain that relationship with open and ongoing communication, and you will have a client for life. When a homeowner trusts your work and is happy with the quality of service, they will refer your work to family and friends. We found that 46 percent of homeowners looking to start a project turn to family and friends when finding a contractor.   
  • Overall customer satisfaction: By consistently updating your homeowners on their project, you will see an undeniable impact on your homeowner satisfaction. Plus, increasing your homeowner’s satisfaction helps build a personal rapport with the homeowner and the homeowner’s family. Effective communication plus homeowner satisfaction equals growth in your business via referrals, online reviews, and more.  
  • Increase in project spending: Communicating with a homeowner to address specific problems provides opportunities for add-on services. Placing the homeowner first and showing that you want to work with them often increases the work the homeowner wants to complete, which boosts your overall invoice. 

Improve your communication by always keeping your homeowners in the loop of the project. By improving your communication with homeowners, you can close more deals, develop a stronger relationship, and ultimately increase your homeowner satisfaction. When you partner with Modernize, you are assigned an account manager that helps you implement the best practices to work with homeowners. Talk to us today to see how you can improve your homeowner relationships. 

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