Have you thought about hiring a home improvement lead generation service to bring in more customers for your company? Behind every successful business is a solid sales and marketing system to keep a consistent flow of leads coming in the door.  

Modernize take your marketing efforts to a new level, helping to optimize the overall results for your company. 

The key to success with home improvement lead services is to choose a company with a strong reputation. When working with a trusted provider, you can have confidence knowing that they always deliver the quality results you deserve. 

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Benefits of a Home Improvement Lead Generation Service

With a proven system, home improvement lead services bring in solid leads to support the needs of your business. Here are a few reasons why both small and large enterprises benefit from home improvement leads: 

  • Exclusivity: Most of your competitors work the usual marketing angles through Pay Per Click advertising and social media. Switch things up by tapping into exclusive home improvement leads with a new list of potential clients. 
  • Predictable Results: Lead services, such as Modernize, have the data to know that whether you are buying 5,000 leads or 10,000, they will convert at the same rate. This allows for confident long-term planning based on predictable cost and revenue growth. 
  • Data Driven Strategy: We pride ourselves in being the subject matter experts in the home industry. With our data driven strategy, homeowner surveys, and our one-on-one partner managers, we give you exclusive insights into what homeowners are looking for. 

What to Look for Before You Hire a Lead Generation Service

An online search uncovers a variety of contractor lead generation companies. But there is a difference in the quality of service you receive. Consider these tips when you are preparing to hire a service for home improvement lead generation: 

  • Closing the Deal: When your sales team is good at closing the deal, then a home improvement lead generation company can bring in the leads to keep your team busy. Ask the lead service about the workflow to ensure you can fit the leads into your current system. 
  • Quality Not Quantity: A long list of names and phone numbers is not worth a dime if they didn’t vet the leads firstSave your team time and resources by selecting a lead generation service that prioritizes the quality of every lead. 
  • Data Analysis: When you hire a home improvement lead generation service, make sure their results are data-driven. Modernize data feedback loop gives you unmatched insight into thousands of potential home improvement job leads with high potential to convert in your area. If the lead service understands the numbers and analyzes results, it reduces the likelihood of low-quality leads. 
  • Customized Approach: Ask about customization options to bring in the ideal homeowner leads for your business. Each contractor has a unique value proposition, which is why it is essential to integrate these talking points when collecting leads for contractors. 

Home Improvement Lead Services You Can Trust 

No matter the size of your business, bringing in vetted customers through lead generation will determine your sales cycle’s future outcome. It can take some time to find the right service for home improvement leads, but it is worth the effort when you have a steady stream of homeowners moving through your sales funnel.  

At Modernize, our team brings quality homeowner leads to help your business grow. We know that data-driven home improvement leads add to your bottom line, which is why we are committed to ensuring the quality of your experience.

Our home improvement lead services know what homeowners are looking for, and we fill those needs by connecting customers with contractors. If you are looking for more opportunities to help your business grow, then we invite you to reach out to learn more about the benefits of home improvement lead generation. 

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