If your sales team can’t keep up with incoming leads, then you are probably considering your options to invest in call center services. Answering incoming calls and following up with these homeowners are essential steps to nurturing new and existing leads. If you aren’t consistent about managing these leads, then it means you are likely leaving money on the table.

Using call center services is a huge investment. But it might be the key to taking you from small time to big time. If you want to improve your results, you need a good system and structure in place, and a call center can be the foundation that gets you started.

How do you know if you are ready to bring on call center services? Here are a few things to consider to decide whether the timing is right:

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Growth is Stagnant

You are bringing in leads, but you’ve found a bottleneck in your system: your in-house sales reps can’t keep up with the volume of leads that are coming. Your team can only handle so much work because you are limited by the number of team members and hours they can put in each day.

On the other hand, call centers have the capacity to handle so much more. When the volume increases, then the call center staffing is ready to manage the influx of leads. It’s easy to increase hours to handle leads because of the number of employees within the call center.

Another potential way to overcome stagnant growth is because call centers have longer working hours, which means they can help you connect with leads after-hours. So, you can reach out to homeowners who are interested in your services by talking to them in the evenings and on the weekends.

You Need to Improve Customer Service

Customer service has an undeniable impact on customer satisfaction. In order to deliver the highest levels of customer service, your team needs to be ready to respond quickly and offer undivided attention to each person who reaches out.

“Speed to lead” is one factor that can affect the customer service experience. When a customer is ready to engage in conversation with your home improvement business, then you need to minimize the wait time as much as possible.

Homeowners often reach out to different contractors as they are researching their options. The first person they talk to will have the highest likelihood of closing the deal. So, you need to be ready to pick up the phone when the call comes through. The simplest way to ensure you are staying ahead of the incoming calls is by using call center services.

The Sales Team Needs Support

How well is your sales team keeping up with leads? Not only does the sales team need to have a conversation when a new lead comes through, but it feels like there are a million other small administrative tasks that also need to be addressed along the way.

A call center can reduce these administrative burdens so your sales team can focus on the tasks that matter most. For example, it can be a waste of time for the sales team to be managing and setting up appointments. Instead, let a call center take care of appointment setting, then your sales team can focus on closing the deals.

Another benefit of using call center services: the vetting that happens through the call center means that your sales team is receiving better quality leads. Higher quality customers coming through means that it’s easier for the sales team to get the contracts into place – and close rates will increase.

Ultimately, call center services allow the sales team to actually meet homeowners and sell services. When the sales team is freed up from administrative tasks and busy work, then they can fine-tune their sales strategy and focus on what they do best: closing the deal with homeowners who are interested in your services.

Is it the Right Time?

If you can relate to any of the sales issues listed above, then it’s an indication that you might benefit from call center services. Reach out to our team at Modernize for more information about ways that you can streamline the lead generation and sales processes.

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