When running PPC campaigns, it is vital to make sure you use optimal strategies to get the best ROI for every dollar spent. In today’s part two of leveling up your pay-per-click (PCP) campaign, we discuss how to best use geo-targeting and day-parting to optimize your campaign.

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What are Geo-Targeting and Day-Parting?

  • Geo-Targeting: You set specific locations where you want your ads to show. You can also set areas where you do not want the ads to show.  
  • Day-Parting: You decide when you want your ads to show. You can choose certain hours of the day or different days of the week. 

Combining these two settings in your PPC campaigns gives you more control over when and where your ads are showing. Geo-targeting and day-parting increase the likelihood of connecting with your target demographic when they are ready to buy. In addition, focusing your media spend with these strategies gives you more leverage for your marketing budget. 

Know Your Business

When creating your PPC campaigns, it is essential to know your business to choose the ideal settings for geo-targeting and day-parting.  

  • Where are your service areas? 
  • Do you have certain service hours? 
  • What locations are most valuable to your business? 
  • Where do you get the best jobs and ideal customers? 

Think about who is doing the research and making the decisions. When are they online and looking for information about your services? Know your own business, then start thinking about what is essential to the people searching for your assistance. 

You can be as specific and broad as you want to be. For example, if you are not getting enough traffic, then expand the geo-targeting area and the times of days you are running ads. 

Things to Avoid When Targeting Your Audience

When you are getting started, try not to make assumptions. You might think you know everything about the audience. But you can learn something new by creating different PPC campaigns. Get specific about these targets, keep an open mind, and test to find the most effective strategies.  

The more you test different campaigns, the more you shift in the right direction to dial in your audience targeting. Be prepared to make changes as new data comes in. You will create better results by increasing traffic and optimizing conversions through this process. 

You can find more information in our “Taking Paid Search to the Next Level” video about targeting levers.

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