You are ready to position your flooring business for record-breaking growth this year. The question is: what is the most efficient way to connect with homeowners who need your services? With various marketing strategies availableyou must understand the best way to maximize your budget and bring in the leads who are ready to buy. 

Instead of paying for every click that comes through an ad, learning how to rank your flooring business higher on Google gives you a steady stream of local leads. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an investment that keeps bringing in new customers on an ongoing basis. The trick is cracking the code – getting your website to the top of the search rankings. Let’s review all the pieces that are needed to establish a strong presence online. 

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SEO: A Good Investment for Home Improvement Businesses

SEO is an effective way to spend your marketing budget because it makes your website visible when each potential customer is searching for industry information. According to Hubspot: 

  • 49 percent of search engine users look in Google to find a new product or service 
  • 60 percent of users who are on a smartphone have used the “click to call” feature to contact a business directly 
  • 70 percent of business owners say that SEO is better than PPC for lead/sales generation 
  • In 2 years, there has been a 200 percentplus growth in specific local mobile searches, such as “near me” and “now. 

These statistics show that SEO strategies can have a tremendous positive impact on flooring businesses looking to start their SEO campaign and ultimately generate more leads.   

Design a Webpage That Converts

Your website’s design indicates to Google how relevant your site is to the people who are searching.  Not only do you need to create an eye-catching, modern design, but you also need to make sure to carefully craft the tags, headers, images, and content around your overall SEO strategy. 

SEO experts also recommend providing educational blogs, articles, or other forms of content that homeowners can refer to. Ideally, your content should keep homeowners interested in their home improvement project, specifically educational content on flooringDoing so will not only look fantastic to search engines, but it will also help drive an increase in organic traffic. Increased organic traffic means increased potential for additional leads, and ultimately more deals closed.  

Research Local Keywords

When formulating SEO strategies for your flooring business, always consider two elements when choosing target keywords for your SEO efforts: 

  • Industry Phrases: What are the terms people are searching for related to your products and services? These phrases often focus on keywords such as flooring installation services, hardwood floor refinishing, residential flooring contractor, and more in the flooring industry. 
  • Local Keywords: Since your flooring business serves a specific geographical area, include city names, counties, and other location-specific keywords. Integrating these phrases naturally in the website content shows the relevance when homeowners are searching for local services. 

Implementing keyword analysis is crucial because you need to evaluate your website and your competition’s amount of traffic.  For example, if you figure out how to make your flooring business rank higher on Google for an unusual keyword phrase, it is not worth the SEO effort if it only brings one customer a month to your website. Instead, target another keyword phrase that will bring in more leads. 

Measuring Traffic To a Site

Another critical aspect of learning how to rank your flooring business higher on Google is watching the traffic to a site. More site traffic means an increase in lead generation.  How many people are visiting your website and staying on the page to learn about your company? 

Using a traffic checker tool, such as Google Analytics, is a valuable way to see what is working – on your website and the competitor’s websites. Traffic checker tools help you build more effective strategies to expand your SEO efforts in the future. 

Now that you’re ready to implement or enhance your existing SEO strategies, it is crucial to think about all the other places and sites homeowners use to find the right flooring business for their home projects. 

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