As the weather cools down and the autumn leaves start to change, families are preparing their homes for the winter. As a result, cost-effective and energy-efficient solutions are a high priority for homeowners pursuing window projects.

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Sumer Survey Results vs. Fall Survey Results

The momentum in the window industry is high. Here at Modernize, we continuously analyze the latest window trends in the home improvement industry.  Here is an interesting comparison between our June survey and October survey:

  • June Modernize Survey: In June, we surveyed homeowners to learn about their motivations for starting a project. These results showed that 39 percent of homeowners want to save money on utility bills.
  • October Modernize Survey: This trend continues to increase. Our October survey shows that the motivation to save money on utility bills is now higher: 42 percent.

Utility costs are going up, and homeowners are strategizing about saving money on these monthly costs. The demand for energy efficiency is high since families want to stop paying high utility bills.

What You Need to Know About Homeowner Motivation

If you are a windows contractor, understanding homeowner motivations have an undeniable impact on your success. The survey results show that the desire to save money is continuing to increase month over month. However, we’ve begun to see a new motivation arise: repairs and replacements.

  • 35 percent of homeowners also need to repair or replace their windows due to damage

When looking at the motivations that lead to a homeowner starting a project, you can position your business to fill this need in the industry.

Another angle to consider is how you are supporting homeowners with their financial goals. We recently learned that 67 percent of homeowners are looking to finance some, if not all, of their upcoming windows project.  What does this mean for window professionals?  It means you need to be ready to suggest financing solutions.

Benefits of Understanding Homeowner Motivation

When you have a clear understanding of homeowner motivation and psychology, it helps you adjust every stage of your sales cycle to match homeowner needs. For example, if you know that your homeowners want to save money on bills, you are better positioned to speak to the most critical points that encourage window leads to move forward with a project.

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