Each year, Modernize Home Services surveys thousands of U.S. homeowners to better understand their project preferences and pain points. Our homeowner sentiment survey is an ongoing, long-term study of how homeowners research and evaluate home improvement projects.

Our study explores how homeowners prepare for their upcoming projects, budget, find and select their preferred professional, and more. These findings are designed to help professional contractors and remodelers better understand and serve prospective customers. 

Last year, we conducted our annual survey between November 2019 and April 2020— well before the disruption and loss caused by the COVID-19 pandemic was fully realized. Over the past 14 months, our home improvement industry has needed to adapt in numerous ways. Our latest report highlights how homeowner trends have changed, year over year.  

Our most recent key findings include:

  • 41% of homeowners plan to make additional home improvements in the next three months (April – June), in addition to their current Modernize project. 
  • 17% of homeowners plan to spend more than $10,000 on their upcoming project.
  • 31% of homeowners pursuing a Modernize exterior project said they also plan to pursue an interior home remodeling project in 2021.
  • 39% of homeowners, across trades, are pursuing projects to help save money on utility and electric bills.
  • 54% of homeowners plan to compare 3 or more quotes ahead of selecting a contractor. 
  • 21% of homeowners shared they pursued more home improvement projects during the pandemic. 


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