While day-to-day activities and responsibilities vary from business to business, there is always one common goal for the sales team: close more deals. The sales team stacks the pipeline, filling the schedule, so the installation and on-site providers stay busy. One major component to ensuring that the sales team has enough pipeline to meet their goals involves a reliable lead generation source. Here is what you need to know when asking your leadership to invest in a reliable lead generation source. 

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How Sales Strategies Are Different In a Digital World

If you have been in the sales industry for any length of time, then you have seen significant changes in the sales approach. Traditionally, sales reps focus on specific lead generation strategies: 

  • Cold calling from a phone book or list of numbers 
  • Door-to-door canvassing 
  • Direct mail 
  • In-person networking 

Even though these strategies were influential in the past, it is not enough in our modern business climate. Traditional lead generation and sales techniques require both time and energy, limiting the sales team’s capacityUsing the methods above, you can only drive a finite number of conversations with interested homeowners. 

As a sales rep, tapping into a steady flow of qualified online leads is critical to maintaining a healthy sales pipeline. The right online source allows you to connect with many homeowners much more effectively. To implement these strategies, you need to enlist sales leaders and business management to invest in lead generation marketing efforts. 

Asking Leadership To Invest In Lead Generation

You see the value of lead generation; now, your challenge is to communicate the importance of this investment so that management will buy in. Here are a few tips to help you set the stage when preparing to ask for a marketing budget focusing on lead generation services: 

  • Potential ROI: When the numbers show an opportunity for profit, it is easier for managers to get on board with your proposal. Provide data from the lead generation service to show how much opportunity is available when accessing quality leads. 
  • Improving Productivity: Share detailed information about how much time you waste when your team is canvassing or cold calling. It takes hours to connect with one quality lead through these one-to-one strategies. On the other hand, lead generation services bring the vetted leads – allowing the sales reps to focus on closing the deals.  
  • Social Proof: Share case studies or testimonials showing how lead generation companies are helping existing partners. The goal is to help management see how these strategies are working for competitors or related industries. 

When you step up to improve sales results, it highlights your leadership, eagerness, and commitment to help the company succeed.  Learn how your company can generate more deals by partnering with Modernize. 

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