When choosing between moving to a retirement community or staying home, most retirees choose to stay at home. 

At Modernize, we are proactive about connecting with homeowners to understand their priorities and preferences regarding this decision. In our recent survey, homeowners shared their insights on these relevant topics, including their sentiments about aging in the home and their increasing at-home needsspecifically walk-in tubs. 

Today, we shed light on our survey data to help home improvement contractors meet the industry demand and connect with more homeowners looking into installing walk-in tubs.

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Walk-In Tub Demand for Aging in Place

Safety is a high priority when planning a renovation for aging in place. The person needs to be able to have easy home accessibility and security.  

Our survey results show how many homeowners are ready to invest in aging-in-place home improvement projects, with walk-in tubs being the highest in preferred renovations. Here are a few impressive statistics: 

  • Aging- in- Place Projects: 69 percent of homeowners across trades said they plan to explore aging-in-place projects for themselves or someone they love next year.
  • Top Priorities: When we asked homeowners about their preferred project to make their homes more accessible, safe, and secure, 17 percent said they plan to pursue walk-in tub projects.
  • Walk-in Tub Installation: 78 percent of homeowners also plan to remodel part, if not all, of their bathroom during the walk-in tub installation.
  • Most Important Features: 21 percent of homeowners selected “lifetime warranty,” and 19 percent selected “quality design” as the most important features for their installation.
  • Hiring a Contractor: We asked our homeowners about their highest priorities when searching for a home improvement contractor/remodeler. Thirty-three percent of homeowners said that price was the highest priority, and 19 percent said warranty.

Walk-in tub demand is high, especially with many baby boomers retiring and needing to upgrade safety at home. These statistics should help you shape your sales approach to speak to the highest priorities for each homeowner.

Home Improvement Projects: Financing

Knowing homeowners’ plans to finance their projects can also ensure that you are ready to meet their needs. Our survey found that 86 percent of homeowners will finance either part or all of their walk-in tub or bathroom remodeling project.

Demographics: Walk-in Tub Leads

Knowing your target demographic is the most effective way to share your marketing messages with the right audience. As mentioned above, 69% of homeowners plan to learn more about aging-in-place renovations in the upcoming year, either for themselves or someone they love.

  • Long-Term Homeowners: 41% of homeowners are interested in aging-in place projects and have more than 20 years of history living in their homes.
  • Personal Projects: We have also found that 62 percent of homeowners are exploring aging-in-place projects for themselves. Using this data can help target your marketing message to your desired demographic.

Our statistics show that the target demographic for walk-in tub leads and home improvement projects are homeowners making these investments for themselves. Compared to the topics you would discuss with someone learning about aging-in-place renovations for a loved one, this knowledge changes the conversation.

At Modernize, we help home improvement contractors connect with homeowners who need these services. Contact us to learn more about how our team can help you build your list of leads quickly and effectively.


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