Whether you already have a call center or are considering one soon, you should know what the contractors with successful call centers are doing. Many use different tools to improve operational efficiencies and the customer experience, which leads to more appointments and opportunities to close sales. Here’s how you can build a thriving call center. 

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An auto-dialer is a time-saver. When your agents dial manually, it wastes time in disconnected calls, busy tones, and the repetitive and unproductive task of dialing. But, with an auto-dialer, you can maximize your call center’s productivity by reducing downtime, allowing your agents to talk to more homeowners per hour. Most auto-dialers even let the agent see a homeowner’s details before calling. As a result, your agents can prepare for the call; personalized conversations mean higher quality conversations for the homeowner. 

Call Analytics Software

Before you sell your services, you should know who your customer is. Ask yourself these three questions: 

  • What are their common objections? 
  • What do they want to know? 
  • What are their preferences? 

Nothing offers a more detailed look at homeowners than call analytics software. Use it to transcribe every phone call to find commonalities in calls, then analyze and test. For example, you can find the most common objections and develop different templates to handle them. Use call analytics software to monitor and measure key call center metrics: call abandonment rate, handle time, set rates, etc. Test different strategies to see if you can improve these numbers over time.

Third-party live transfer 

This is when your lead generation company uses its call center to qualify the homeowner. If the homeowner is qualified, they are passed directly on a live call to a suitable contractor. This product is perfect if you are disappointed with your contact and appointment set rates. Modernize offers live transfers, guaranteeing a 100% contact rate, so your team always gets the opportunity to set the appointment. 

But how can you trust the third-party call center? 

Make sure they are PACE(Professional Association for Customer Engagement) certified. A PACE certification is exclusively offered to companies that provide the highest caliber customer service and have proven to be compliant with government regulations relating to consumer protection laws. Call centers undergo rigorous evaluations of company policies and procedures to be approved. After approval, quarterly audits continue to ensure quality and compliance. 

If you are interested in learning more about Modernize’s Live Transfer product and our PACE-certified call center, we are here to help. Contact us today.