Some may say that the proof is in the pudding, budoes that earn you more deals? The truth is, without real-life examples of a job well done, customers may be wary  of moving forward with your business for their home improvement projects. Having real-life examples, i.e., social proof, is an essential element to any successful sales process.  

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What Is Social Proof?

Social proof is simply the concept of people following the actions of other people. The underlying psychology is that when other people behave in a specific way, it must be the correct behavior to choose. In other words, the decisions of others influence the choice of an individual. 

There are many potential benefits to building social proof for your home improvement business, such as: 

  • Closing the deal more quickly 
  • Showing potential customers why others are satisfied with the services 
  • Communicating information about available products and services 
  • Building trust with the customer 

Think about it this way: if you are looking for a restaurant in a new city, what are the cues that help you choose a place to eat? Without a second thought, you will likely head to the restaurant with more people instead of choosing an empty dining area. When many people visit a restaurant, it speaks to the quality of service and the satisfaction of customers who continue coming back. Even though the unoccupied businesses likely have good service and food, people naturally gravitate to where other people are spending their time. 

This restaurant example shows social proof in a real-life scenario. Another example of social proof would be people looking at ratings and reviews before they make a purchase— this is especially apparent with homeowners. In a recent homeowner survey, 26 percent of homeowners stated that after price, online ratings and reviews were the second most crucial factor when hiring a contractor. Whether someone is looking for a restaurant or investing in home renovation services, people want to know more about the service provider before pulling out their credit card. 

Tips for Building Social Proof

The most beneficial way to earn social proof for your business is through organic ratings and reviews. It is important to note that people often adopt the actions and opinions of other people. When customers are satisfied with the products and services you offer, they will be more inclined to leave your business an online review. The more online reviews and ratings your business has, the more willing people will be to try out your business. More satisfied homeowners equal more online reviews for your business.   

Sometimes, customers will be self-motivated to put in the effort to share their experiences without you asking. But, most of the time, people need prompts to know where they should share information about their experience with your company. 

Ask for social proof by inviting people to leave a review on your platform(s) of choice: Google, Yelp, Facebook, and more. Offer a verbal invitation during a conversation with each customer and also consider following up with an email or text message after the services are complete. 

Ideally, it would be best to combine user testimonials and business credentials showing your experience and certifications in the industry.

How To Use Social Proof in Your Sales Pitch

Consider these three strategies to use social proof to boost sales for your business: 

  1. Share Before and After Photos During your Virtual Demo:  You can tell your homeowners how great your work is, but doing so will not always convince them to hire you. During your demo, let the results speak for themselves by showing before and after pictures of your successful projects. 
  2. Promote Testimonials and ReviewsBrand your work with your homeowner’s voiceWhile in a sales call or demo, let your potential clients know about the experiences your last client had. Casually mention the number of five-star ratings your business has, along with the most popular review.  
  3. Present Real-Time StatisticsDuring your pitch or demo, share with your homeowners the statistics of how many homeowners you have satisfied. You can also share statistics on the referral rate of your business. Sharing statistics with homeowners will build them confidence in choosing the right contractor. 

Each sales system is unique, which is why using social proof is an evolving process. Pay attention to the social proof examples that build the best trust, then look for ways to continue improving your future approach.  

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