How will your home improvement business benefit from partnering with a lead generation team? If you are ready to expand your reach and boost your overall revenue, our programs and consulting services could be the right fit for you. Modernize offers a variety of solutions you need to help expand your customer base by helping you reach more homeowners who are ready to hire a contractor like you. 

There are a variety of ways to invest your marketing budget. For example, investing your marketing budget into a leads program takes the legwork out of generating brand awareness, building a sales pipeline, and create an inbound marketing channel. 

However, while we take care of the technical side of generating leads, contractors still need to put in the work to call, set the appointment, and close the sale. At Modernize, we have resources and partner managers who are there with you every step of the way to help you optimize your strategies. Here are a few reasons you should partner with our team at Modernize and what to expect from these services.

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Modernize Brand Promise

As an organization, we have made it our mission to help create the best possible experience for homeowners and contractors when it comes to completing a home improvement project. At Modernize Home Services, we aspire to be the reliable and trustworthy solution that thoughtfully connects homeowners with contractors for home improvement services. 

Our mission is to help home improvement professionals feel confident they are investing in a marketing solution built to deliver a high volume of inbound leads generated from targeted marketing channels.

Additionally, these channels are built to connect contractors with high-intent homeowners actively looking to complete a home improvement project. By qualifying our homeowners and providing helpful resources to improve their experience, our network of contractors has the ability to reach more homeowners and close more jobs.  

Below is a list of what you can expect when you partner with us: 

  1. Unparalleled Support: We stand out from the competition with our superb partner management services. Our partner managers offer a customized experience built for optimizing and growing a contractor’s business year over year. We are not just account managers; we are personalized consultants for your business. 
  2. Relevant Information: We keep our contractors in the loop by providing resources, such as articles, easy-to-read eBooks, webinars, podcasts, and homeowner data to help keep home improvement businesses relevant and thriving. 
  3. Expertise and Insight: As industry experts, we pride ourselves on staying ahead of the latest homeowner demands and trends. Our data can draw accurate predictions of what contractors can expect and prepare for the upcoming seasons.  
  4. Care and Consideration: We take the time to listen to your needs and offer our undivided attention when you have questions. Our goal is to build ongoing relationships with our contractors, which is why we are proactive about providing the care and consideration you deserve. 

Partner Managers

The quality of our partner managers is what makes our team at Modernize stand out from other lead generation providers.  

Our partner managers successfully grow each contractor’s business by settings goals to achieve KPIs and optimize your cost per acquisition together. Using data, insights, and unparalleled industry experience, our team is proactive about building a strategy that caters to your specific business needs and goals for growth. 

Modernize Lead Generation

Our proven lead generation strategies and experienced partner managers create the ideal results, which means that you can expect an increase in your year-over-year Return on Investment (ROI).  

We qualify leads through a tried and true system that vets our leads and optimizes toward quality through a consistent data feedback loop. We do this, so you always receive the highest quality home improvement leads in your service area.  

Our team sends the leads to you in real-time, which means that homeowners are actively searching for contractors who can help begin their home improvement projects. 

Ultimately, our team invests in contractor results and homeowner satisfaction, so everyone benefits from a Modernize-curated experience.  Do you want to learn more about the many ways your business will benefit from Modernize leads? Contact us today to discuss available services. 

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