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Home Window Replacement Companies in Jacksonville, FL

Replacement of residential windows in your Jacksonville home can decrease your utility bills. According to expert builders, it is your best home improvement project option. It does not only improve the looks of your Florida home, it also makes it more energy efficient saving you money on costly energy bills in the long run. Now, there are various companies for window replacement in Jacksonville. Before hiring a contractor from a window replacement company there are a few things a good home window company will do before starting your window installation. 

How Much Does it Cost to Replace Windows in Jacksonville?

The average cost to replace windows in Jacksonville, FL is anywhere from $325 to $520 per window. You will need to add in local labor costs and other fees associated with window replacement in Florida as well as the cost of building permits and cleanup fees.

home window replacement companies in Jacksonville, FL

Secure Jacksonville Window Permits


Your local Jacksonville window replacement contractor should secure a building permit for your window replacement. It is a must before the window installation and any major window repair. If the contractor is hesitant to do so, it should alert you if they are a legitimate company or not.

Securing a permit will make sure that your contractor observes all the building codes for window replacement. The codes include egress codes, glass codes, and many more. A permit will also avoid any legal implications in case you decide to place your house for sale in the future.


Jacksonville Egress Window Codes


One of the most important factors that you need to consider before you decide on the details of your window replacement is the egress code for Jacksonville windows. It is a code specifically designed to ensure the safety of the occupants during emergencies, which in this case, is your family. 

The building codes for Florida are based on the International Residential Code from the International Code Council. The IRC states the minimum measurement of one window in a bedroom should be 20 inches wide and 24 inches long. It should be 44 inches from the floor at most in case you need to escape your home due to emergency or in case of a fire.


When Should You Replace Your Windows?

If your existing home windows were built before 1978, have it assessed immediately by a local home window replacement company.


Windows before 1978 have a high possibility of possessing lead-based paint. Because of it, you need to have your Jacksonville window replacement contractor check if the paint used around the windows have lead content before installing new replacement windows. If yes, your window replacement contractor needs to have it contained and clean-up the lead before the installation for safety reasons.

What are the Most Popular Window Replacements in Florida?



The most common window types in Jacksonville, Florida are retrofit and new construction windows. A retrofit window is to replace existing windows. It will cover the old frame, which is left when the existing window is removed. A new construction window is common in new homes. Contractors use a mounting flange, which connects directly to the concrete framing. The window types that are very popular amongst Jacksonville homeowners are replacement double hung windows, new casement windows, and installation of a bay window.

bow window installation

Hiring a Local Jacksonville Window Contractor

Replacement windows are both an upgrade and investment for your Jacksonville home. Therefore, it is essential to educate yourself on all the options and the basics of window replacement windows. Research and understand the information, then pick the best window replacement contractor that has high ratings, a great social media front, and documented experience for installing the particular window type you are replacing. A trusted local window installer can help your home be more energy-efficient, help save you time and money, and get your windows installed correctly the first time.