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Jacksonville, FL Roofing Installation Buying Guide

If you’re considering investing in a new roof, the array of choices can be overwhelming. Asphalt shingles are the most common (and one of the most budget-friendly) choices in Florida, but spray foam roofing and metal roofing systems are gaining popularity among homeowners. Spanish-style, clay tile roofing also remains very popular in Florida. Whichever type of roofing you decide on, you can count on a healthy return on your investment (ROI) when you decide to sell your home. According to the 2016 Cost vs. Value Report, replacing your roof is one of the best upgrades you can make to your home, with an expected ROI 71.7% . Your new roof can also make your home more energy efficient, keeping your home cool in the summer and decreasing the workload for your HVAC system, ultimately saving you money on your monthly utility views.

Jacksonville Climate and your Roof

Residents of Jacksonville, Florida enjoy 221 sunny days a year. Summers are hot and humid, with temperatures averaging around 92 degrees. Winters are mild, with low temperatures in the 40s. Jacksonville receives 52 inches of rain per year–the national average is 37 inches, and no snowfall. Jacksonville is vulnerable to severe weather including thunderstorms, high winds, flooding, and hurricanes. The roofing system you choose should be able to stand up to year-round intense UV rays and heavy rains, as well as potentially damaging salt that impacts homes near the ocean.

Jacksonville, FL roof repair & replacement

Enhance Your New Roof With Solar Technology

Florida is the “Sunshine State,” so why not harness that energy to reduce your monthly utility bills and reduce your environmental footprint? If you are installing a new roof, consider adding solar panels or solar roof shingles to the process to save on labor and installation costs. The cost of installing solar panels on the average home has plummeted 70% since 1998. The average residential solar system in Florida costs between $15,000-25,000. Considering that you will probably spend at least $72,000 powering your home over the next 25 years, the initial cost of a solar energy system is well worth the investment.

For customers who decide to invest in a solar energy system, Jacksonville Electric Authority (JEA) offers net metering. Net metering is a billing mechanism that credits solar energy system owners for the electricity they add to the grid. As a JEA customer, you will be charged for the metered kWh received from JEA during each month. At the same time, you’ll receive credits for the metered kWh sent to JEA from your solar system each month. You can accrue any credit balance (no cap) from month-to-month through the end of the calendar year. At the end of the calendar year, your credits do expire, but JEA will pay out any credit balances directly to the customer, which could provide a nice influx of cash at the end of the year.

To be eligible for net metering, JEA requires that your solar energy system be installed within the guidelines of its engineering standard ES 20202 902 Parallel Operations & Interconnection of DG Facilities on the Distribution System. Compliance with the standard are required to ensure that the proper equipment is installed to protect JEA personnel working on circuits where customer renewable systems may be grid-tied.

You can receive a federal tax credit for your solar system–up to 30% of the cost of your system with no upper limit. A licensed solar-installer will be able to assist you in securing all available rebates and incentives to make your solar technology system as affordable as possible.

Roof Permitting Process in Jacksonville

You can obtain a residential building permit from the Building Inspection Division of the City of Jacksonville. A homeowner may obtain a permit for construction of or renovations to their primary residence providing that it is not for sale or rent and their name is on the property deed. The homeowner must appear in person at the Building Inspection Division located at 214 N. Hogan St., Room 280, Jacksonville , FL 32202. You can also reach the office by telephone at (904) 630-1100. Select option 4.

In Jacksonville, a homeowner may elect to obtain a building permit in their own name, In lieu of hiring a licensed contractor to provide construction services, on property that is for their own use and occupancy, and that is not for sale or lease. All work must be done by the homeowner or licensed or registered contractors who are subcontracted and supervised by the homeowner. Licensed or registered contractors hired by the owner for roofing must also obtain their own permits that are associated to the homeowner’s building permit. The owner need not obtain an additional roofing permit if the roofing is part of the job for a new home or addition and they are doing the work themselves. If the roof on the host structure is also to be recovered in the case of an addition, a separate roofing permit is required.

Contractors hired by the homeowner that do not have State of Florida or local certification should have a current occupational license, proof of worker’s compensation insurance, and must be supervised by the owner and work under the owner’s permit. Should the homeowner decide to hire an unlicensed person, such as a superintendent or laborer, the homeowner must carry Worker’s Compensation Insurance, pay Social Security taxes, and personally supervise the work they do. It is the homeowner’s responsibility to assure that a permit is obtained by him/herself or by the licensed contractor. Starting work without first applying for a permit is unlawful and punishable by a fine of $250. The permit must be posted on the jobsite so it can be seen from the street.

A Notice of Commencement is also required for all building projects that exceed $2,500. The notice of commencement gives constructive notice that claims of lien may be recorded and may take priority for improvements being made to real property. A copy of the recorded Notice of Commencement must be provided to the Building Inspection Division prior to requesting any inspections. The owner or their authorized agent must record the Notice of Commencement at the Clerk of Courts, Room 103 located in the County Court House at 330 East Bay St., or at the office located within the Building Inspection Division offices at 214 N. Hogan St. The 214 N. Hogan office is open weekdays from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. To contact their office call (904) 255-8350.