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As one of the highest ranked exterior remodelers in the county, HCR aims to improve the value in each customer's most… More
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Paradise Exteriors is family owned and operated hurricane impact window and door company. Run by Dan and Tina Beckner, Paradise Exteriors… More
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At Efficient Home Services of Florida, our mission is to save you money. No other home energy company serving Tampa, Orlando,… More
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Aspen Home Improvements has been serving the local area for over 25 years. Known for their eco-friendly products proudly made in… More
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Roofing Replacement in Tampa

Whether you’re considering selling your home or just looking to make your home more comfortable and attractive, replacing your roof is one of your best renovation options. According to the 2016 Cost vs. Value Report, replacing your roof is one of the best upgrades you can make to your home, with an expected ROI 71.7%. Depending on the type of roofing you choose (and whether or not you choose to add solar features), that ROI might increase, as prospective homebuyers are more likely to pay a premium for features like stylish metal roofing, long-lasting slate roofing or clay tile roofing, or eco-friendly solar panels.

A new roof can also provide an added level of thermal insulation to your home, easing the burden on your HVAC system (and your wallet), and keeping your home cool and comfortable throughout the year. Roofing systems like clay tiles are particularly effective at standing up to hot weather and harsh UV rays as they are created under intense heat in a kiln. Rubber roofing is another great option because of its natural ability to conduct heat. Whichever system you end up choosing, and the options are plentiful–asphalt shingles, cedar shake, spray foam roofing, metal, and rubber roofing, and more–make sure you take your local climate into account to ensure you get the maximum durability and lifespan from your roof.

Hiring a Reliable Contractor in Tampa

Another important aspect of roofing replacement, is to make sure you hire a reliable and professional local Tampa roofing contractor. It may be best to hire a higher priced roofer if you are installing a more complicated roof type that needs past experience to be done correctly. As practical as it may sound, choosing who offers the cheapest service may get the job done, but can sometimes lead to poor quality materials and incorrect roofing installation. Take time to read online roofing contractor reviews, ask your neighbors who they have worked with, and ask the contractor for customer testimonials to ensure that they are the best roof replacement company for you. Request a detailed cost estimate, which includes the cost of roofing materials, estimated completion date, and labor costs, as well as a projected start and date of finish. 

Do not permit the contractor to talk to you into taking shortcuts. Sometimes, they do suggest it to try to lower the cost by cutting corners on material expenses. Though this can be done sometimes, it may be a red flag if the contractor is willing to trade quality for total costs.

Tampa, FL roof repair & replacement

Which Roof is Best for Your Tampa Home?

Residents of Tampa enjoy 246 sunny days a year. The Tampa Bay area has a humid subtropical climate with hot, humid summers and frequent thunderstorms. Winters are mild with freezing temperatures occurring every 2–3 years. The Tampa Bay area experiences a significant summer wet season, with nearly two-thirds of the annual precipitation (47 inches annually) falling from June through September. Tampa’s proximity to two large bodies of water, Tampa Bay and the Gulf of Mexico makes the area very humid.

Considering Tampa’s year-round warm weather and propensity for severe weather, you’ll want a roofing system that provides excellent protection against heavy rainfall, while also providing the best insulation possible to keep your home cool during hot Tampa summers. One great option might be a foam roof. When sprayed on a roof deck, foam roofing creates a seamless roof, leaving no room for air to escape or water to leak.

Do’s and Don’ts When Planning for A Roof Replacement in Tampa

One significant home improvement project your house can undergo is a full roof replacement. That is why it is vital to do your due diligence before you decide what type of roof you should have installed on your Tampa home. Below are a few tips for installing a new roof and finding the best roofer for the job.


Consider Roofing Material Options


When you hear roofers discuss roofing materials, they’re referring to the roof style and shingle types to be installed. Do your research and consider different roofing material options and discuss it with your contractor on the best option for your budget and preferred look. The market has a lot of options to offer from a metal roof to asphalt shingles. The average price of an asphalt shingle roof replacement in Tampa on average costs $7,500 or more, while installing a quality metal roof will cost you around $10,000.

Do check fire and wind ratings. Most roofing materials in the market will have information on this, so it’s best to understand your options around costs and benefits. Always consider installing insulation. Depending on your area, you might need to add an extra layer of insulation to deter heat conduction. A reliable Tampa roofing contractor will be able to give you the best recommendation for your area and home.  


Preparing for a Roof Replacement


Ensure that your roof contractor makes necessary preparations before they start working on replacing your roof. Make sure to protect your yard from damage while the installers are throwing out old roofing materials down from your roof. Most of the time, the contractor protects plants and valuables in your yard by covering them, but it’s wise to ask about this and do it yourself if they do not provide it outright.

Prepare your home by removing pictures from walls and safekeeping valuables, especially the fragile items that could shake loose from walls during roof construction . Replacing your roof will produce a massive amount of noise and vibrations that might affect things inside your home as well as outside.


Final Inspection Before Project Start


Always insist on your contractor to practice safety. Check whether your contractor has the legalities to operate following license, bonding, and insurance policies. Do make sure that the materials being installed are what you paid for. Inspect the roof materials upon arrival to your home and make sure that they are new, high-quality materials as you requested. Always check that you are getting what you paid for before allowing the roof replacement to start.

Installing a new roof is not an easy task, but it is worth doing. Regardless if you have previously done it or you are considered a newbie, knowing exactly what type of roof you want and hiring a trustworthy roofing contractor can make the process seamless. Always make sure your invested money does not go to waste in any aspect. Roof replacement in Tampa can be a great project to have completed with many benefits for your home if done right the firs time. 

Enhance Your New Tampa Roof with a Solar Energy System

With year-round sunshine, Tampa is a prime location for solar systems. Installing solar panels or solar roof shingles on your new roof can help reduce, and possibly eliminate your monthly energy bill, all while helping you to lead a more sustainable life. Now is also a great time to invest in solar as prices have plummeted 70% since 1998. The average residential solar system in Florida costs between $15,000-25,000. Factor the price of running your home with fossil-fuel based energy over the next 25 years, and you’ll find that a solar energy system provides a considerable return on your investment.

If the start-up cost of a solar energy system is still overwhelming, there may be some rebates and incentives available to make your system more affordable. For instance, you can receive a federal tax credit for your solar system–up to 30% of the cost of your system with no maximum. These credits expire on December 31, 2016 so you have to act quickly. Work with a licensed solar installer to ensure that you maximize all available rebates and incentives to get your system at the best price possible.

Roofing Permitting Process in Tampa Bay

The City of Tampa’s Construction Services Division provides a one-stop shop for all construction permit and inspection needs. The division reviews construction plans, issues permits, and performs inspections to ensure building projects are built safely and in compliance with state and local codes and regulations. Through an online portal, residents can apply for permits, schedule inspections, check the status of projects in real time, and pay fees. A construction permit can be obtained for re-roofing, re-covering, or repair where the roof installation is 500 square feet or less. If the roof project is greater than 500 square feet, a construction permit, along with an owner permit affidavit (if the owner is applying) must be completed.

You can also contact the city with questions regarding permitting at:

Tampa Municipal Office Building
306 East Jackson Street
Tampa, Florida 33602
Phone: 813.274.8211