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City Roofing Buying Guide for Atlanta

A new roof can be costly. With that in mind, you want it to be installed by a qualified contractor from the get-go. Along with a licensed and insured contractor, there are several additional things to consider to ensure a successful project. This buying guide discusses general roofing information as well as some things you may not be aware of that have an impact on the project.

Use this short checklist to help guide you along the way:

  • Atlanta permits
  • Atlanta contractor selection
  • Atlanta climate
  • Roofing materials
  • Estimated roofing cost in Atlanta
  • Benefits of a new roof in Atlanta
  • Rebate and resources

Atlanta Roofing Permits

Getting a building permit is a critical step for the project. To find out which type of permit you’ll need, the cost of the permit, if and when an inspection needs to be conducted, contact the City of Atlanta for information about these requirements. You’ll also want to inquire about contractor requirements. A permit and a licensed contractor ensure the roof will be installed correctly and in compliance with the city’s building code. Failure to get a permit can result in a fine. If a city inspector checks the installation and finds it isn’t in compliance due to you not using a licensed contractor, it can mean the roof will need to be redone to be brought up to code. Either situation means paying more money than necessary. To find out about what is required for a new roof in Atlanta, call (404) 865- 8550, email, or visit 55 Trinity Avenue, 3rd Floor, Suite 3800, Atlanta, 30303.

Atlanta Roof Contractor Selection

A contractor is your guide from start to finish. This is the person who can advise you about roofing materials, measure the property, provide an estimate, and most likely make any pre-installation repairs. When hiring a contractor, have several visit the property and provide an estimate that should include materials, supplies, labor, and equipment usage. It may also include removal and clean-up of the old roof. It’s important that the contractor have the appropriate license and insurance for a roofing project. You can validate the license of the contractor you hire using the Georgia Secretary of State Professional Licensing website.

Atlanta Climate Considerations for New Roofing

The city has the nickname of “hot Lanta” and that isn’t just because of its busy nightlife, cultural venues, dining, and attractions. While the city isn’t sizzling hot, temperature wise summertime can hover around the 90-degree mark and the comfort index regarding humidity is 34/100 which is lower than the national average of 44. The low rating means humidity is at a higher level. The rainy season can result in a yearly average of 54 inches compared to the U.S. average of 37 inches. With these details in hand, you can discuss with your contractor the type of roofing material that will do the best job in securing your home and hold up against the elements.

Roofing Materials for Your Atlanta Home

As noted in the climate section, you’ll want to discuss the types of roofing material options with your contractor as some materials are better suited to particular regions than others. A few of the most common roofing materials include:

Estimated Roofing Cost in Atlanta

Prices vary among the different types of roofing materials based on the individual costs such as labor, equipment, and supplies provided by a contractor may. An initial estimate will not cover repairs to the existing roof because problems may not be determined until the current roofing has been removed, so keep this in mind when planning your budget. The following is an estimate for a wood shingle roof for a 2,000 square foot home in zip code 30303.

Low                 High

Material –  $6,621.20      $9,446.60

Labor –        $2,066.21     $4,992.56

Supplies –       $448.80         $516.00

Equipment –     $52.50           $86.25

Total –         $9,188.71    $15,041.41

Average cost per square foot:

Low:     $4.59       High     $7.52

Benefits of a New Roof in Atlanta

Aside from the fact a new roof secures your home from leaks and bad weather, there are several other benefits that impact the property. With a new roof installed on a structurally sound property – meaning all other areas of the home are leak-free such as around doors and windows – energy efficiency will improve. A new roof also increases your home’s value. This is good news for owners who plan to put the property on the market as it is an advantageous selling point. Last but not least, a new roof that blends with the exterior paint color adds instant curb appeal, which is a visual selling point for property going on the market.

Atlanta, GA roof repair & replacement

Roof Rebates and Resources Available in Atlanta

If you choose to have metal or asphalt roofing installed, visit the Energy Star website for information about a federal tax credit.

Using the suggestions in this guide can help make a new roofing project run smoothly. With the basic information in hand, you’ll be better equipped to ask questions throughout the process which will guarantee a successful installation while keeping the project within budget and up to code.