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Information About Window Replacement in Augusta

If you live in Augusta and you’re taking steps to repair or replace your home’s windows, congratulations–you’re already on your way to having a more beautiful, energy efficient home. But there’s a little more to this work than you’d think–selecting a contractor, picking out the proper window type, and navigating the permitting system requires a little finesse. This guide will take you through the basics, and provide a little information about rebates and incentives you may qualify for as well.

Window Contractor Requirements in Augusta

If you own and reside in the property where the replacement will go, you’re not necessarily required to use a contractor in Augusta to complete the work for you. That being said, however, if you’ve never performed this kind of repair before, you’ll want to seek out a licensed contractor who can help you ensure that the window is installed correctly and is up-to-code.

Although looking for a qualified contractor can be a little bit tricky, there are a couple of background checks you can perform to make sure you’re selecting one who’s reliable and trustworthy. First, contact the city building department and ask if the contractor holds a license to do the kind of work you require. Next, further inquire if they are holding any outstanding debts to the city, like permit or licensing fees that have not been paid off. Then, if they pass both of those tests with flying colors, ask to see a few references. A contractor with a good reputation will be happy to provide them.

Applying for Window Permits in Augusta

If your repair will be relatively small–for instance, if you’re just making a direct replacement of old windows, you may not be asked to file a permit. However, if you’ll be altering the surrounding wall, or doing work that’s estimated at over $500, you’ll need to acquire a permit from the city’s License and Inspection Department.

No matter the scope of the work you intend to do, however, it’s not a bad idea to visit the office first and discuss your plans with an employee who can verify whether or not you’ll need to apply. The office is located at 535 Telfair St., Augusta, GA 30901. Keep in mind, they may also ask you to provide supporting documentation, like drawings of the windows, and knowing how to measure windows–especially if your repair will be large. If you’d like to review the permit application before you go in, you can do so here.

Window Requirements in Augusta

While the city of Augusta doesn’t provide any explicit requirements for the types of windows residents install on their property, it does list some board specifications that you’ll need to follow in an extreme weather event. Given that information, when you’re selecting your new windows, you may want to consider purchasing products that have been rated for heavy winds, as well. These specifications should be listed on the manufacturer’s labeling when you buy.

But there’s another environmental consideration that comes into play which has nothing to do with storms. Due to the area’s hot, humid summers, you could be losing a fortune to air conditioning costs if you’ve installed the wrong kind of windows. To make sure you’re keeping things cool, have a look at the window’s solar heat gain coefficient, or the measure of how much solar radiation the window allows into your home (in essence, how well it shades the area). In Augusta, you should pass over any windows that have a SHGC greater than 0.50.

But if you really want to reap the maximum savings on your cooling bills, consider looking for products that bear the ENERGY STAR certification on their labeling as well. That means they’ve been reviewed by the EPA and found to be exceptionally energy efficient–meaning you’ll ultimately save money on your utility bills when you install.

Augusta ga replacement windows

Window Inspections in Augusta

If you were asked to obtain a permit, you’ll also need to get the work inspected by the city once it is complete. Call the building department to obtain an inspection, and be aware–you’ll need to make your permit and any other pertinent materials, like plans and drawings available at the time of inspection.

Window Care in Augusta

Once you’ve successfully installed your window and passed the inspection, the only thing left to do is admire your new view–and maintain the windows, too. Cleaning is the single most important thing you can do to extend the life of the glass. However, if you’ve purchased energy efficient windows, you’ll want to take care how you do it. Never use harsh chemical cleansers. Soap and water is the best cleaning solution here. And try not to clean them during the heat of the day, as this can affect the glazing.

Window Rebates and Incentives in Augusta

While the city doesn’t offer any rebates or incentives for residents installing new energy efficient windows, you can still save on your project when you use ENERGY STAR certified products in your home. The federal government offers a rebate of up to $200, worth 10 percent of the cost of materials for energy efficient windows that are installed about the home. Just file form 5695 along with your taxes.