Our Top Window Predictions for 2017

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A brand new year always holds the promise of exciting new things—and that goes for your windows, too! We’re expecting to sees some new developments in green materials and a wider variety of color options for frames, glazing, and design. Window dressing trends in 2017 are shifting away from naked windows and, instead, toward drapery and blinds. This is a great trend to tackle for the new year if building new windows or remodeling the existing windows in your home is more than you can take on right now. So without further ado, here are our predictions for window trends in 2017!

Natural Light is Always in Style

Natural lighting is not a trend—it’s always in style. But 2017 will see a rise in custom built windows for homes. This is because many of the homes built in 2017 will rely on uncommon architectural design specifications. This means just as many picture windows as we saw in 2016, and we’ll actually see more floor-to-ceiling windows keeping things light and airy—especially in bedrooms and living rooms.

Architects and designers are also reporting a rise in smaller, uniquely shaped windows to let light in, namely in out-of-the-way areas. You’ll see these windows above staircases, in closets and in kitchens. These windows are different from skylights because they’re located on the wall and some of them may open—with the use of a rod if they’re too high up—to increase circulation and air flow.

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Energy Efficient Windows for 2017

Energy efficiency is always in style and on trend, and 2017 is no exception. Last year we saw vinyl windows trending, and they aren’t going anywhere in 2017—especially colored vinyl. However, more and more companies are offering thermally broken steel windows. Thermally broken steel windows have very narrow sightlines, which makes them an attractive option if you want to maximize the view out of your windows. They are also rising in popularity because they are incredibly energy efficient. They can hold up to triple-paned glass, and they’re compatible with multiple window glazing options. Plus, they offer a removable gasketing system—rubber seals that cushion the windows and protect against the weather—which means when the gasket wears out, you don’t have to replace the entire frame.

New-World Meets Old-World with Bronze Clad Window Frames

2016 saw an onslaught of new color choices for window frames, with homeowners going for bolder hues—everything from rust to navy and back again. A stately twist in this development has been the introduction of bronze-clad wooden windows. Cast in an extruded bronze cladding, these window frames offer exceptional durability and modern designs, wrapped in an elegant package that gives windows a hint of old-world class. Expect to see a wider range of bronze-clad products this year, particularly as window frames take on the dark finishes so favored in 2016’s kitchens.

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It’s a Gas!

Double and triple-paned windows continue to be the best option for insulating your home. To improve your home’s energy efficiency even more, ask your window contractor about filling the space between each pane of glass with a gas. Argon is the most common gas used for insulating, but Krypton is another option for you. Either of those gases insulate better than air and will ensure that your home stays warm in the winter and cool in the summer.


No More Naked Windows

The minimal aesthetic is not completely disappearing, but more and more people are dressing their windows. Color is coming back into fashion in 2017, specifically jewel tones being favored more than white or grays. Incorporating one of the rich colors  in window dressings is a low-commitment way of playing with color. If heavy drapery isn’t for you, consider a simple fabric curtain in a rich jewel tone. Cotton is a classic option, but if that’s still too heavy-looking for your taste, you can also try a gauzy fabric for a lighter choice.

Minimalist blinds and window shades will also be making an appearance in 2017. Blinds and window shades are nothing new, but like the jewel tone curtains, they are back in style and there are options for everyone. If you prefer to sleep in, blackout shades will be your best friend next year. Instead of the regular blackout curtains, you can opt for a sleek pull-down window shade, which will maintain the clean and minimalist lines.

If shades aren’t your window treatment of choice, you can find some lightweight (i.e. narrow) blinds that will help block out light or give you and your family a little more privacy. Like curtains and shades, you still have plenty of options in terms of color and material, and they can be custom built to fit nearly any window in your home.

Trends will come and go and then come back again. What’s important is that you find what works in your home for your aesthetic and your family. Take your lifestyle and your budget into account—if you don’t need a custom window installed, then don’t install one. But if you’re curious about how your room would look with some rich jewel tones, experiment with some curtains or room accents. And most importantly, think of trends not as permanent fixtures, but rather as the chance to try something new—that way you can really have fun with them! 

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