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Windows Resources

Everything you need to know to complete your Windows home improvement project.

cost and budgeting
A Window Replacement Financing Checklist for Homeowners
Replacement windows are a true investment in terms of the value, comfort, and the aesthetics of your home. As with any investment, window…
research and planning
Glass Spotlight: Insulated Glass
Chances are, if you are exploring a window replacement or renovation project, you have probably heard the term “insulated glass”…
research and planning
What You Need to Know About Different Types of Window Glass
Is it time to replace the window glass in your home? You have a lot of choices when it comes to window glass replacement, more than you…
cost and budgeting
Calculating the Return on Your Window Investment
When evaluating your home renovation needs, it is easy to initially consider major projects that might bring some added visual impact, like…
cost and budgeting
Exploring Long and Short Term Window Savings
If you’re starting a new window project in your home you probably have one question at the top of your mind: How do I maximize savings?…
research and planning
Windows with Built in Blinds—Worth It or Not?
For all their convenience, window blinds can be kind of a pain sometimes. Who hasn’t pulled too hard on one side of the cord, ending up…
cost and budgeting
How To Compare Financing Offers – Windows
Are you looking for a way to financing your upcoming window project? Whether you have an emergency repair or simply want to improve the…
maintenance and care
Old House Windows: Should You Add Glazing or Replace Them?
It’s not always cost-effective to replace all the windows in your home, particularly if the frames are still in good shape and are not…