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Designing a Bathroom for a Couple

We’ve all been there before — waiting our turn at the bathroom door for our partner to finish their morning routine, or tripping over one another while one person is brushing their teeth and the other is finishing their makeup. Even in the most organized bathroom, one that’s designed with just one person in mind can be cumbersome for a couple. It all might have you looking up couples’ bath ideas to get the extra space you want.

Couples’ bathrooms allow two people to comfortably move through the space without running into each other, as well as having your own dedicated area to get ready. Whether you finally have the space to accommodate a couple or are remodeling your bathroom to be more functional for two, we’ve got some tips on how to make the both of you happy.

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Double Sinks for Bathrooms

Ah, the battle of the sink. If you want couples’ bath ideas that will solve immediate problems, this is the change to make: have two sinks installed. Having a double vanity allows each person to make the sink and the area around it their own, from their varying beauty and hygiene products to some décor. 

Homeowners can get creative with their double vanities. You can install one large mirror that gives both people the reflection space they need, and design-wise will make the bathroom appear even larger than it is. Or, install two separate mirrors over the sinks to take advantage of medicine cabinet space.

For bathrooms that are gifted with lots of space, you can separate your areas by having independent sinks on opposite walls, or dual vanities. Usually, they are set up so that couples would be back to back as they get ready at their sink. If you don’t have the space for this but do want to create a sense of division between the sinks, consider breaking them up with a vanity between the two. 

Bathroom Storage Ideas

Whether you’re going with a double vanity or a dual vanity, this is your chance to take advantage of storage space in your couples bathroom. There are so many vanity designs that are loaded with drawers of different sizes, from small side drawers to ones that run the span of the entire length of the sink. There is even the option to order a custom-built vanity that truly meets your needs.

To really maximize your storage space, consider purchasing organization tools from your favorite home store to keep drawers from getting messy. Even if you’re the only person who is going to see inside the drawers, why not keep every inch of your newly remodeled bathroom looking neat?

Calculating the Return on Your Bathroom Remodel

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Double Showers and Tubs

Many bathrooms are either a shower/tub combo or a walk-in shower. Couples’ bath ideas may mean rethinking how well that is functioning for you. If the room is available to you, consider going for both by installing a freestanding tub as well as a walk-in shower. As you’re building and designing, remember to keep in mind the importance of choosing tiling that is safe for the shower

For those who aren’t really into soaking in the tub, take advantage of the space by having a larger walk-in shower, one where the both of you can comfortably use the shower simultaneously without playing Tetris. There is also the option to install two shower heads, so no more waiting in the cold for the other to rinse off! 

A traditional walk-in shower is about 3-by-5 feet or 4-by-6 feet, neither of which are really ideal for two people. A contractor can work with whatever space you have to figure out the best size for your specific bathroom.

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Smart Bathrooms

Up the IQ of your bathroom by installing smart technology:

Smart Toilets

If your partner always forgets to close the toilet lid, a smart toilet can fix that for you. And protect your tush in the winter with a seat warmer!

Floor Warmers

The same goes for the tile floors during the winter months. If one of you needs to wake up earlier than the other, a timer to warm the floors will help them with a more comfortable start in the morning.

Smart Showers

Automate the temperature of your shower, set the water flow, and save water and energy with a smart shower. If you and your partner tend to take showers on a schedule (before work, after the gym, etc) you can set the temperature to your individual tastes.

Smart Faucets

For use at the sink and in the tub, smart faucets allow the user to control the temperature, flow, and water usage to keep you in check with your water bill.

Privacy Glass

Even when people have been together forever, sometimes you just want a little privacy. This can be installed in showers, windows, and even the entire wall between the bathroom and bedroom.

Other fun smart tech that can be used in a couples bathroom include aromatherapy diffusers, mood lighting, towel warmers, and smart scales for each of your health goals.

Couples’ Bath Ideas: Design

The design aesthetic for a couple’s bathroom is no different than what you would have in a primary bathroom made for just one person — you just have more room to play! Before the remodeling process, look together through design inspiration to see what stands out to you and what your styles are. Contemporary and chic, or more boho and cozy? Moody black hardware or stunning brass pieces? Jewel tone vanity or clean white? How about a chandelier over the bath tub to give your bathroom that spa feeling? The possibilities are endless.

If you’re hopelessly stuck or are nervous about making what feels like such a permanent decision, consider working with a designer who can help tap into your brain to help nail down something you’ll love.

After sharing a bathroom with your partner for so long, having your own space to get ready can truly make a difference. No more frustration, no more waiting on each other. As you work out your budget for your bathroom remodel, also consider using the Modernize database of skilled and experienced contractors in your area. They’ll be able to walk you through the process and guide you in making decisions that will not only be aesthetically pleasing, but also functional.

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