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Top Trends for Full Bathrooms

Why not turn your bathroom into your very own spa? Whether your bathroom is big or small, it is a design opportunity to create a serene, relaxing environment for getting ready to start the day or winding down before bed. Or, treating yourself to a bubble bath. Design trends do come and go, so instead of doing a complete overhaul of your full, you can try one of these five upgrades to enhance the look of your bathroom:

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Trend: Hardware

For too long, bathrooms have been adorned with nickel or chrome faucets, drawer pulls, and towel racks. But now, homeowners are getting creative by replacing this hardware with bolder, but equally sophisticated, brass or even black hardware. Not only is it a simple swap that makes a huge statement in your full bathroom, but should you decide to sell your home and want to go more traditional, it’s just as easy to go back to the traditional.

Trend: Wallpaper

Whoever told you that wallpaper doesn’t belong in a smaller space — nix that. It’s actually the perfect place to experiment with wallpaper, which has made a huge comeback over the last few years. Homeowners can opt to do an accent wall (perhaps the wall where the mirror is mounted) or decorate all four walls with wallpaper. And don’t discount peel-and-stick wallpaper, as it’s just as durable and you can install it yourself.

Trend: Soaking Tub

Most homes have wall tubs in their guest and master bathrooms, but nothing says relaxation and luxury than a freestanding soaker tub. Go modern with an oval tub, or if you like vintage flair, get one that has elegant claw feet. They won’t take up any more real estate in the bathroom, but it will call for you to step in and relax in a pool of bubbles.

Trend: Plants

Everyone seems to be determined to have a green thumb these days. Well, with all those hot showers, the bathroom is the most humid room and it’s no wonder that some plants thrive in there! Add some greenery and zen with plants like bamboo, ferns, gardenia, orchids or snake plants. You can even hang sprigs of eucalyptus from the showerhead, filling the shower with your very own essential oil diffuser. If the thought of caring for real plants scares you, you’d be surprised by how realistic some faux planters can be.

Trend: Smart Technology

Just when you thought toilets were getting fancy, showers are getting a technological upgrade as well. Companies are creating shower heads and systems that allow homeowners and their guests to choose the exact temperature of the water and even the time that they want it to go off at — imagine a nice hot shower to welcome you right when you wake up. Plus, there are models that allow you to take phone calls, play music, dim lights, or change the color of the LED lights.

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