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Top Trends for Showers

A shower is not just an area where you wake yourself up in the morning before work or unwind after a long day— it is a space where you can create comfort and make an aesthetic statement. In order to make this statement, while increasing the value of your home, Modernize has compiled the following top trends for showers to include in your bathroom remodel.

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Open Showers

If you’re not concerned about privacy, an open walk-in shower remodel can make your bathroom appear more spacious while allowing you to incorporate features like ambient lighting, a linear drain, a misting system, and anti-fog mirrors into your shower. You can add a tub into the design, or if space permits, keep it separate from the open shower area—making the shower feel like a spa experience. Either way, you will have a convenient space where you don’t have to worry about slipping and falling when you’re trying to get out after a nice, long shower.

Heated Floors 

Thanks to this trend, gone are the days when you had to take a hot shower on chilly, uncomfortable tiles. By having electrical coils installed under the tiles, that morning shower on a cold, winter day can be a lot more enjoyable. Also, you can control the temperature through a programmable thermostat, which will allow you to schedule when the heat turns on—so your toasty shower floor is ready for you when you wake up in the morning.    

Shower Seating

Benches in a walk-in shower remodel can create a sense of relaxation, as well as provide safety to those who have mobility challenges. These benches can be built into the floor of the shower and run the length of one of the walls, or be mounted to a wall in order to easily fold to save space.   

Distinctive Tile Shapes

For something a little different, tiles with unique shapes—whether arabesque, diamond, or hexagonal—are a great way to transform your shower into a work of art. These interesting shapes can add texture to your shower in a way that is pleasing to the eyes. 

Double Showerheads

Couples have been using double sinks for quite some time, and larger showers with double showerheads are also gaining popularity. Mornings can be a little bit less hectic when you don’t have to wait your turn to take a shower, and these double showerheads mean no more morning delays. 

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