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Double Shower Buying Guide

Average cost range:

$890 - $5,000

The average cost to install a double shower, or a freestanding shower with dual shower heads, is $890 to $5,000 for homes in the U.S. The cost of this project can vary widely based on the type of shower heads you choose to install, materials for floors and walls, type of glass, and overall size of the shower. Costs can also change based on whether you are removing an old shower or tub and replacing it with the new double shower, or converting an existing shower into a double shower. Modernize recommends getting estimates from 3 to 4 professionals to find the best price that fits your budget.

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What is a Double Shower?

Is there anything more luxurious than a double shower? They are becoming very popular choices for bathroom remodels. You may have seen them on home design shows, at high-end hotels, or at luxe spas. They are also becoming increasingly trendy for master bathrooms.

The defining feature of a double shower is the fact that it has two shower heads instead of one. But double showers can also include:

  • A ceiling shower head
  • Handheld sprayers
  • Body sprayers or jets
  • A sit-down bench
  • Marble walls 
  • Double doors
  • And more

It is important to note that a double shower is not the same as a dual showerhead – which is simply two shower heads coming from the same source. Typically, in a double shower, the shower heads are on opposite ends of the shower and face one another. This allows for two designated showering areas, or two partners to shower at the same time, without having to share one shower head.

If you have thought about installing a double shower for your shower remodel, there are a few things to consider. Just like any other home improvement project, there are pros and cons, as well as important cost considerations, to explore before getting started.


How Much Do Double Showers Cost?

The cost to install a double shower depends on a several things. For instance, are you demoing the bathroom and starting from scratch? Or do you have a large single shower that you want to renovate into a double shower?

Double Showers

Remodel your shower by adding double shower heads within one shower unit

  • Added water

  • Customizable fixtures

  • More spacious

  • Accommodates two people at once

There are many different shower styles that qualify as a “double shower.” The cost of remodeling a shower can be anywhere from $800 to $5,000, depending on what you want. You have various options for fixtures, floor and wall materials, hardware, shower heads, and more.

We recommend using our Bathroom Remodel Cost Calculator tool to get a better sense of what your project will cost based on your choices.

Bathroom Remodel Cost Calculator

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Types of Double Showers

There are quite a few designs you can use as inspiration for your double shower. Typically, double showers have shower heads installed on opposite walls. You may also opt to have them on the same wall, but spaced out enough to allow for two people to comfortably shower side by side. There are also showers with bench seating, rainfall shower heads on the ceiling, and other luxe additions.

There also is not one set size of double showers. While many are quite spacious, you can build a double shower in a smaller bathroom to achieve a similar goal. When planning your shower remodel, something to consider is how you want to enclose the shower. Below we will go over a few popular styles and designs for double showers.

Open double showers

Some homeowners who have the extra space will opt for a walk-in shower. This means there are no doors to walk in and out of. Sometimes, there may be a wall that only goes halfway up to provide some privacy. On the other hand, an enclosed shower is one with doors, usually glass.

For an open shower, you will need some extra space, as to prevent water from getting into the rest of your bathroom. An open shower may also be appealing to homeowners who have a family member who has difficulty getting in and out of showers or uses a wheelchair.

Enclosed double showers

An enclosed double shower has doors or glass that span from floor to ceiling. In other words, enclosed showers are not “walk-in,” and you must open and close the door to access the shower. An enclosed shower can give you a sense of privacy, even with glass doors, as well as giving you space to store your toiletries. You can choose between frameless, semi-frameless, or framed enclosure styles.

There are no wrong answers when choosing an open or enclosed shower. Your bathroom remodeler can guide you on which type of shower will suit your existing bathroom best.

Benefits of Double Showers

There is plenty to love about the double shower. Below, we encourage you to explore the many benefits these showers can provide to you and you home.

Two shower heads
With two shower heads, you get better water flow. You also get the added convenience of allowing two people to shower at the same time. Make sure you adjust the water pressure to your liking!
Double the water
With double the water, you may notice you are taking shorter showers, since you get more coverage. With water coming from two different directions, it is easier to clean yourself off. 
Fixtures with adjustable height
Most double showers have fixtures that can be adjusted, both in terms of height and water pressure. Each member of your home who uses the shower can adjust the fixtures to their preferences.
Additional space
Whether you shower alone or with a partner, there is more room for you while you shower. No more tight turns as you clean yourself off.
Shower accessibility
These showers are great for home accessibility and homeowners with disabilities. Because they are often walk-in and spacious, double showers can be especially accommodating and comfortable for homeowners who use wheelchairs. A bench seat is also safer and more comfortable for those with mobility issues.

Other Notes to Consider

While there are tons of advantages of installing a shower with dual shower heads, there are some additional things to be aware of.


You might save money by having two people shower together. But if you and your partner both plan to shower solo, while using both shower heads, the added water usage may add to your energy bills. The same is true if you are also using a ceiling shower head.

Pro tip: if you are looking for ways to cut costs on your energy bills, we recommend exploring energy-efficient bathroom fixtures.

Space savings

It seems obvious, but it is important to know that these showers can take up twice the amount of space, or more, than a traditional shower (which is on average 3’x5’ or 4’x6’ feet). Think about how much space you have in your bathroom before taking on this project. You do not want to give yourself lots of shower space, while leaving little room around your sink and toilet.

If you are working with a smaller bathroom, shower options like a shower/tub combo or corner shower may be a better bet.

Pro tip: if you have a small bathroom, ask your contractor about ways to reduce the double shower’s dimensions, or explore creative storage solutions to save more space.