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Bathroom Remodel

Master Bathroom Remodel

Average cost range:

$14,000 - $25,000

The average cost to remodel a master bathroom in 2022 is $14,000 to $25,000. However, costs can vary drastically depending on the master bathroom size, layout, features renovated, materials chosen, local contractor labor costs, and more. Homeowners can save money by saving some features on the bathroom while renovating others. Continue reading to learn more about master bathroom remodel costs based on your specific needs.

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When done right, a master bathroom remodel can transform your master bathroom into a tranquil, spa-like room that you love to start and end your day in. From the vanity and sink where you wash your face, to the bathtub or shower you use for a reset: there are plenty of ways to elevate the space and make it your own. So it makes sense to allocate time, effort and resources toward making your master bathroom remodel project the best it can possibly be. But where do you start? And how much is it going to cost you?

Modernize is here to walk you through the basics when it comes to cost estimates and budgeting for your dream master bathroom. Here’s everything you need to know.

Wood double vanity in a bathroom

Is a Master Bathroom Remodel Worth it?

The master bathroom is a focal point of any home, and it will arguably be one of the rooms where you spend the most time. The majority of homeowners who move forward with a master bathroom remodel in 2022 do so because they want more comfort, to update an outdated space, to increase home value, or all three of these factors!

According to Statista, as of October 2021:

  • Almost 60% of homeowners went through with a master bathroom remodel in order to update systems for more comfortable living
  • 50% of homeowners remodeled to increase shower size
  • 42% of homeowners changed the master bathroom layout during the remodel

Additionally, according to a 2022 Cost vs. Value Report, a midrange master bathroom remodel can provide homeowners with a 58.9% return on their investment when reselling their home. So in addition to added comfort, an updated look and feel, and better functionality, you can also expect a significant bump in your home’s resale value as a result of modernizing your master bathroom.

Master Bathroom Remodel

Renovating your master bathroom can improve the comfort, functionality, and resale value of your home

  • Average ROI of 59%

  • Flexibility in budgeting to your needs

  • Modernize the look and feel of the room

How Much Does a Master Bathroom Remodel Cost? 

Let’s cut to the chase: how much does it cost to remodel a master bathroom? The cost for a master bathroom remodel can range vastly depending on the scope of the project, size of the space and quality of materials being used.

On average, master bathroom remodel costs range anywhere from $5,000 to $30,000 with the national average falling around $14,000 to $25,000.

Each master bathroom remodeling project is unique to fit a homeowner’s needs and to be tailored to the space involved. Factors that can influence the total cost of the project include:

  • Where your home is located and local labor costs in your area
  • The master bathroom’s square footage and layout
  • What materials are chosen for renovation (their quality, required quantity, and relative costs)
  • Any bathroom additions or tearing down walls
  • Custom vs. prefabricated features and fixtures
  • Home accessibility modifications
  • Unforeseen emergencies and repairs after demolition

By nature, some master bathroom features are more costly than others, depending on which areas of the room are renovated. It is important to budget appropriately, and allocate money to reflect your necessary upgrades. Major areas of a master bathroom remodel typically include:

master bathroom cost
FeatureAverage cost
Bathtub or shower replacement$300 to $1,400
Tub to shower conversion$1,800 to $4,430
Retiling a shower$1,800 to $4,000
Shower glass door replacement$325 to $600
New cabinets or vanity$380 to $700
New sink$190 to $1,130
New mirror$70 to $200
Flooring replacement$3 to $20 per sq. ft.
New toilet$360 to $720
New light fixtures$35 to $130
Skylight window$900 to $2,500
Fresh coat of paint$30 to $75

We always recommend that homeowners use a Bathroom Remodel Cost Calculator in order to better estimate the cost of their unique project. Explore our Cost Calculator to get a better idea of project costs based on the features you plan to upgrade.

Bathroom Remodel Cost Calculator

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Budgeting Tips for a Master Bathroom Remodel

As you plan your master bathroom remodel, it’s important to first look at your finances. Determine how much you can reasonably afford to deduct and put toward this project.

It’s also critical to sit down and consider your realistic needs versus wants. Remember, you have a great deal of control when it comes to budgeting.


Prioritizing Features and Maximizing Your ROI

Not every master bathroom remodel needs to include each and every possible upgrade imaginable. There are ways to tier your project based on your budget restrictions, while still maximizing your ROI. Luckily, bathroom remodeling projects present a wider range of flexibility compared to other home renovations.

Making individual upgrades to only select features, while saving areas that do not require a total gut and replacement, is a great way to cut costs and maximize your return on investment.

For instance, for a basic-level bathroom remodel, a homeowner may consider replacing the shower, tub, and countertops while keeping the existing toilet and vanity or cabinets. That, plus a new coat of paint, can change the entire atmosphere of a room.

Whatever you budget for, it serves a dual purpose at the end of the day. The master bathroom remodel may increase your quality of life as you use it. But it will also create an investment toward your home’s potential resale value. For that reason, it may be wise to chat with a realtor about what master bathroom features are high in demand for buyers in your area. 

Tips for Cutting Costs

Still, there are ways to help cut costs. In addition to prioritizing and budgeting efficiently, a few tried-and-true methods can ensure you score the best final price tag for your master bathroom remodeling project. Those strategies include:

  • Comparing multiple professionals. Modernize recommends speaking to at least three professional contractors before choosing one for your master bathroom remodeling job. Vetting multiple contractors not only allows you to find the professional that is most qualified for the job. It also allows you to find the price that best suits your budget.
  • Evaluate all quotes thoroughly. There will be many line items on the quotes that contractors provide to you. It can quickly become overwhelming or intimidating. Don’t fear asking a contractor to explain and break down each line item. It’s critical to make sure you understand the quote and what you potentially will be paying for before hiring your master bathroom remodeler.
  • Negotiate costs. Many homeowners are unaware that they have the power to negotiate costs with contractors. At Modernize, we equip homeowners with the tools and knowledge they need to negotiate costs effectively.
  • Explore bathroom warranties. Both manufacturer and contractor warranties exist for master bathroom features and fixtures. Look into the warranties offered for each item and what they might entail. You might be surprised to learn there is money to be had down the road.
  • Consider financing. If the master bathroom renovation of your dreams is out of the question financially right now, know that you have some financing options.

Master Bathroom Remodel Financing

Explore your options when it comes to financing your master bathroom remodel project

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Finally, when budgeting, it is important to set money aside for unforeseen circumstances. Hidden bathroom remodeling expenses can be something like water damage or even structural damage, that can only be discovered after breaking down walls and fixtures.

Modernize recommends setting 15 percent of your master bathroom remodeling budget aside for hidden issues and emergencies. That way, you won’t find yourself sacrificing a feature you were excited about in exchange for necessary repairs.

Find the Best Bathroom Remodel Contractor

It’s important to find a reliable master bathroom contractor remodeler so that your investment is as informed, responsible, and successful as possible. We know that DIY projects can be tempting as a means to save money. But when it comes to a project that involves complicated things like plumbing or electricity, hiring a professional is critical.

A master bathroom remodel comes with a lot of “expert-level” contracting needs. These are not limited to: wiring knowledge, flooring and drywall installations, plumbing needs including toilet and sink installations and more.

Depending on your level of expertise, there are certain projects you may be able to take on yourself. For instance, by painting, laying down the tile yourself and swapping out sink fixtures, you can save a significant amount of labor-related expenses. Still, it is wise to save the heavier lifts — like framing and electrical work — for the pros.

Modernize can help you find the best master bathroom remodeling professionals in your area. Our Bathroom Remodel Contractor Checklist breaks down everything you need to consider when it comes to finding a trusted expert in your area to make your dream master bathroom a reality.