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How Much Does Professional Gutter Cleaning Cost?

Gutters are an integral part of keeping your home safe, especially if you live in an area that has heavy rains and snowfall every year. Having gutters allows water to be diverted away from a house, so homeowners can avoid dealing with costly problems such as damage to the roof, basement, and the very structure of the home. In order to decrease the chances of water damage to your home, gutter cleaning is extremely important. Continue reading to find out what you should budget as your gutter cleaning cost, as well as information on the importance of cleaning gutters regularly.

Gutters on a house

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Why Is It Important to Clean Gutters?

The point of having gutters on your home is to allow water to flow freely through them and away from the house. This cannot be done efficiently if gutters are not properly maintained. Gutter cleaning will not only extend the life of your gutter system itself, but will prevent leaks in your roof, flooding in your basement, and damage to your walls. Cleaning them will also give you or your contractor a chance to spot damage to gutters early so it can be repaired or to begin budgeting for a gutter replacement well in advance. In addition, gutters help to protect your landscaping. When water overflows and is misdirected because of clogs, plants and trees can be destroyed, and soil erosion may occur. Clogged gutters may also lead to pest infestations. Water accumulating inside your gutters can be a breeding ground for bugs, and rodents and birds can use those unkempt areas as a place to nest.

How Often Is Gutter Cleaning Necessary?

Generally, gutter cleaning should be done at least twice a year, possibly more if you have a lot of trees near your home. If you have gutter guards, which are designed to prevent debris from getting inside and causing clogs, you may not need to clean your gutters as frequently.

Professional Gutter Cleaning Cost

On average, homeowners can expect to pay a gutter cleaning cost of $169. However, there are a lot of factors that go into the final cost, such as the type and condition of the gutters, the size of the home, and if you have gutters on the upper floors of your home. Generally, if you have a single-story home, it will cost $1 per linear foot for gutter cleaning, and $2 per linear foot for larger homes. As a result, the entire gutter cleaning job can range between $70 and $340. If your gutters have downspouts attached to them, you also need to have them maintained because clogged downspouts can contribute to water damage. The cost of this job is generally $50 to $100.

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