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How to Create A Focal Point in Your Living Room

Many people find themselves at a loss when there is no natural focal point (like a fireplace or built-in entertainment center) in their home’s living room, but there are a few tried and true ways to create a focal point even if your home doesn’t come with an obvious one.

Table of Contents

1. Large art

Choosing large scale artwork is a surefire way to draw the eye in a particular direction. Give it a try… what does your focus immediately go to when you look at the picture below? It is hard to avoid looking at a piece of artwork that is huge! We suggest choosing art that appeals to your taste but that isn’t too “out there” that it would make your guests uncomfortable. No floor to ceiling nudes of your grandmother, ok?

Via Houzz

2. Reflect and refocus

Mirrors are an excellent choice for a focal point. Not only do they reflect light and make a space seem larger, but everyone loves to look at their own image in a mirror so they won’t be able to avoid focusing on the wall that you choose as your focal point.


3. Brick wall

At Modernize, we are obsessed with exposed brick. An aged brick wall provides such a unique focal point for a room and gives the entire home a ton of character. If you aren’t lucky enough to live in a vintage brownstone, you can create this look with brick wallpaper, Airstone or thin brick veneer.


4. DIY mantel

If your living room lacks a mantel or fireplace you can create one with strategically placed furniture. This dresser-turned-mantle centers the whole room by serving as a mantel and a grounding piece for the television.


5. Decorate around the TV

Much like creating  a mantel under your TV, you can also build a faux entertainment center around your television by hanging shelves and decorating them with coordinated pictures, knickknacks, books, or whatever suits your style.


6. Wallpaper

Many of us think of wallpaper as an outdated and grungy decorating material but today there are so many gorgeous options for using wallpaper seamlessly with your home decor. While we don’t recommend wallpapering your entire living room, choosing one wall as a focal point and selecting a beautiful print will create a great vibe centered around that one wall.


Does your living room already have a focal point? Can you see yourself making any of these changes in your living space?

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