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Everything you need to know to complete your Other Home Projects home improvement project.

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Heating and Cooling for
Screened Porches
A screened-in porch is the best of both worlds—all the comfort of the indoors with the fresh air and exterior views of the world beyond…
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The Benefits of Using a Solar Water Pump in Your Garden
Whether it’s the calming burble of a Zen-inspired water fountain or the showy spray of a three-tiered waterfall, a water feature adds a…
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Energy-Efficient Outdoor Holiday Lights
Aren’t holiday lights the best? The way they can transform your home into a festive winter wonderland—nothing beats it when…
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How to Use Leaves to Start a Home Composting System
If you’re still raking all your leaves to the curb or packing them into plastic bags, you’re missing an opportunity to create…
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Quick and Easy Garage Door Updates for Instant Curb Appeal
It’s easy to overlook your garage door when you’re thinking about renovating your home because—let’s just admit it—spending a…
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9 Ideas for Creating an Inviting Front Porch
There’s nothing quite like a cozy and inviting front porch to crank up your home’s curb appeal and entice visitors to want to…
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Above Ground vs Inground Pool Heaters
Difference Between In-Ground and Above-Ground Heaters Let’s face it, whether you prefer in ground or above ground, having a swimming pool…
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Home Security Lighting Tips
Lights are a burglar’s worst enemy. This is why often, burglars dress in black to blend in with the darkness. They learn to navigate by…