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The Best Hot Tub Accessories

There are many hot tub accessories that will make your soaking time much more pleasant, your maintenance work on the hot tub much shorter, and even your ability to clean it so much easier. Here are the best hot tub accessories you might want for your backyard oasis.


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Hot Tub Accessories for Comfort

When you’re ready to relax after a long day, you want to get into that bubbling water as soon as possible. And you might not want to be bothered by others. Here are a few accessories that can get you the comfort you deserve.

Privacy Screens 

If you don’t have a large privacy fence around your property, you can opt for simple folding screens or even a trellis with plenty of greenery. If you want to spend a bit more, you can go with automatic privacy screens or even an all-in-one hot tub cover that turns into a privacy shield, like the Covana.

Spa Surround or Decking 

A good spa surround can help ensure the hot tub stays toasty warm and doesn’t lose too much heat to the area around it. Look for a hot tub surround with a high energy-efficiency rating to help ensure your total utility costs will be lower. Decking that creates a smooth line of sight and incorporates a sunken hot tub can make the whole set up look much more appealing. Always make sure the entire area is a non-slip surface.

Spa Steps and Rails 

Getting in and out of the hot tub safely can provide peace of mind that allows you to enjoy it even more. It might seem like a no-brainer that a spa surround or decking will have built-in steps and rails, but this isn’t always the case. Choose rails that are attractive yet entirely useful; even utilitarian grab bars that are painted to match the surround can blend in while working wonders for safety.

Seat Cushions 

Though you can choose your seat configuration and even have custom seats built into the hot tub, those seats won’t be comfortable for everyone. Seat cushions that can be added to the tub and removed when desired are perfect to help family members and friends find their most comfortable spot.

Hot Tub Accessories for Safety and Maintenance

When it comes to safety and maintenance, you never want to cut corners.Here are hot tub accessories that will help make sure you can stay safe and make maintenance easier at the same time.

Cabinet for Maintenance

When choosing the right hot tub accessories, consider the decking and surround mentioned earlier. It’s important to make sure there is plenty of space underneath or near the surround, to help ensure you can easily reach the filters and other items that are necessary to change, clean, or inspect for regular maintenance. If your setup doesn’t allow easy access, consider adding a cabinet to the area around the hot tub that will effectively enclose all of the maintenance items you need to access.

Storage for Chemicals

Chemical storage is essential to keep individuals safe, especially young children. The best way to store chemicals is in a locking storage cabinet. There are many attractive options that will match the décor of your backyard while keeping the products out of sight and away from small children and pets. Here are a few examples from Leslie’s Pools.


Sometimes you will want to lower the temperature of the water to help ensure the safety of others, especially young children – they should not be in water of more than 100 degrees, and for no longer than 20 minutes. To make sure that happens, a thermometer that gives temperature reading in real time is a necessary accessory.

Locking Hot Tub Cover

No matter what type of hot tub cover you choose, it absolutely must have locks. This is vital for safety, especially if you have young children. If the spa cover itself doesn’t have locks, locking clips will be one of the most important accessories you will ever invest in.

Hot Tub Cover Lift

This device, sometimes known as a lifter or a lift assist, helps you move that heavy cover from the hot tub and might even hold it in place to create a sort of privacy screen. This accessory is helpful for any situation, but especially if you are often trying to lift the cover by yourself. Some manufacturers, like SpaDepot, offer lifters in a wide range of prices.

Fence and Gate

It’s absolutely essential to add a fence and a gate to your hot tub surround, especially if you have small children. In some places, no matter the size of your hot tub, this is an accessory actually required by law. Here’s some brief information on safety for hot tubs.

Hot Tub Vacuum

These fun little maintenance machines clean dirt, sand, and other debris from your hot tub to ensure that you have a relaxing yet clean soak. Depending upon the bells and whistles, expect to spend anywhere from about $50 to $300 for one of these suckers.

Remote Monitoring

Know what is happening with your hot tub at all times with remote monitoring systems. Some hot tubs come with these as a standard feature, but if not, you can add it as an accessory. Remote monitoring can allow for almost anything, from watching the temperature of the water to getting alerts when the lock is opened on the cover.

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Hot Tub Accessories for Fun and Relaxation

Now that maintenance and safety are taken care of, how about some relaxation? These accessories will help.

Sound System

One of the joys of a hot tub is the ability to rest and relax, and a lot of people need music to do that. A good sound system can provide everything from soothing music to the upbeat tunes that get a party started. Wireless speakers that can float in the hot tub can be ideal, or you could opt for a waterproof sound system that responds at the touch of a button. This guide from Consumer Reports talks about some of the best options.

Mood Lighting

Though lighting for safety along railings and the hot tub itself is always a good idea, mood lighting can be incorporated by way of special LED attachments in the hot tub itself. You can also consider mood lighting for the overall area, such as strings of lights that create a lovely glow around the tub.


If you’re looking for a party atmosphere in your hot tub, a television setup that is far enough away to enjoy yet not close enough to get splashed could be ideal. Imagine watching the big game with friends while you sip drinks from the floating caddy and relax the day away. Sunbrite Outdoor TV is an excellent example.

Bluetooth Technology

Bluetooth technology allows you to connect your smartphone to speakers in the hot tub and listen to music or even talk to a friend while you soak.

Floating Drink Holders and Trays

Want to have some drinks with friends or share wings for the big game as you watch it on your waterproof monitor? Floating trays can help ensure that your food and drink are right there at your fingertips.

Games and Toys

Waterproof toys and games meant for use in the hot tub can be fun for both adults and kids. You can go with unique items like playing cards, or with more traditional water fun with pool basketball hoops or pool noodles. Some start as low as $5 or so.


Designed to provide a relaxing or sweet scent without messing up the pH levels of your hot tub, aromatherapy accessories are a great idea to help with relaxation. You can also purchase aromatherapy diffusers that provide the lovely scent but don’t put anything into the water.

Towel Tree or Warmer

Finally, what happens when you get out of the hot tub? Having a warm towel right there within reach is the perfect end to a lovely soak. Expect to pay $50 to $100, on average, for this accessory.

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