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Siding Resources

Everything you need to know to complete your Siding home improvement project.

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7 Types of Siding for Your Home
When it comes to your home, nothing makes a lasting first impression like a striking exterior. While decorations and landscaping help to…
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All About Stucco Finishing Options
Any home improvement project has its uncertainties. How much will it cost? How long will it take? Will there be any surprises when you…
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Does Siding Color Matter?
Whether you’re building a new house or just renovating your current home, there are countless choices to make. One of the decisions that…
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DIY Skirting Ideas to Complement Your Siding
Calling all you weekend warriors! If your concrete foundation could use some oomph, a faux stone skirting installed against it can net you…
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Deciding on the Right Siding Color
The right siding can really make a home pop—one color can dramatically improve the look of a house, while the wrong one can ruin the…
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Gingerbread Siding and Trim
When most people think of “gingerbread” they imagine ornately detailed lattice work. However, there’s another version of gingerbread…