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Kitchen Bay Window Ideas

Bay windows are an excellent way to provide natural lighting in your kitchen as well as adding architectural interest to your home. They can be installed in practically any part of the home—granted that the walls are reinforced—but in this article, we are going to focus on kitchen bay windows. Sitting with a cup of coffee for a few minutes of quiet can be just what you need to start your day on the right foot, but imagine sitting by a bay window in a quiet kitchen. You’ll really have a smile on your face.

Coffee cup and plants in a kitchen bay window

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What is a Bay Window?

A bay window is a picture window that is flanked by two other windows. It juts out from the house at angles. This is different from bow windows, which can have four or five windows and are rounded.

There are many types of bay windows:

Canted: The most traditional type, canted bay windows have a flat middle window with two windows on the sides at an angle.

Boxed: Rather than a slight angle, the side windows are at a 90-degree angle, thereby creating a box.

Oriel: Found on any floor of the home, oriel windows are built into the side of the home without touching the ground. 

Circle: The side windows are larger with circle windows, and there are typically panels on top.

For years, homeowners have taken advantage of the extra space created by a kitchen bay window by having a bench (sometimes that doubles as storage space) below the center window. These large windows flood rooms with loads of natural sunlight and can be installed in practically any part of the house. 

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How Do You Install a Bay Window?

Like other window installation projects, this one is probably best left to the professionals, especially if you don’t have existing windows in place. Installing a bay window can cost up to $3,500 per window, and that’s not including labor.

Where is the Best Place to Install a Bay Window in the Kitchen?

There are multiple places in the kitchen that can benefit from a bay window. A popular choice is to have a small bay window over the sink. This allows you to gaze outside while you’re washing the dishes, or keep an eye on the little ones while they’re playing outside.

A bay window is also a great opportunity to create extra seating in the kitchen, since a bench can be installed below the windows.

Finally, and what you may have seen in plenty of photos, you can have the bay window be a part of the dining area. Especially with smaller, rounded dining tables, a bay window can soften the mood with a cozy nook .

Can a Bay Window Go Into a Small Kitchen?

Yes, a small kitchen can have a bay window! A small bay window can be put above the sink or tucked into a corner with your small dining table. However, a wall of extra seating is probably not going to happen. 

Adding a bay window, however, will help make your small kitchen feel larger. Rather than being closed in, you and your family can enjoy natural sunlight that opens up the space.

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