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Most Popular Types of Kitchen Windows

Kitchen renovations are some of the most popular changes homeowners make when trying to update the look of their home and raise its value. Data shows minor kitchen remodels hold 72.2% of their value in resale, making kitchen window replacements — a relatively minor change — one of the best choices you can make when it comes to improving the aesthetics and value of your property. Here’s what you should know about the most popular kitchen windows and how to update your home with an eye toward increasing its value. 

Best kitchen windows

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What Should You Look for in Kitchen Windows?

To find the right kitchen windows for your space you’ll need to balance style, functionality, and ventilation with the cost and space you have available for your project. Here’s what you should consider when starting your search for kitchen windows.

Air circulation

One major concern with buying a replacement kitchen window is air circulation as this is an area where steam, smoke and smells from cooking will build up. You’ll want to consider windows that can help you control your cooking environment, so make sure you choose windows that open easily. 


Another consideration for kitchen windows in particular is how easy they are to use. At least 31% of homeowners say they spend the most time in the kitchen when they’re at home. Kitchens are an important social area. and because you’ll likely spend a lot of time in yours, finding kitchen windows that are easy to use is something to consider when you start your search. 


Many people prefer kitchens that have a lot of natural light, and your choice of windows will have a major impact in this area. Larger windows that let in natural light can open up your space and take the aesthetics to a different level. You’ll also want to find windows that seamlessly match both the interior and exterior elements of your home. 


You’ll want to make sure you’re staying on budget when it comes to your kitchen windows — especially if you’re hoping to get a decent return on your investment. Consider both the materials and the cost of installation when factoring new kitchen windows into your budget. Since some windows can help with energy savings, you might also want to calculate the projected amount you’d save by switching to more energy-efficient windows. Energy-efficient windows do have a reputation for being more expensive, so you’ll have to weigh the upfront cost with your total lifetime savings. 

Kitchen Window Ideas

1. Garden windows

If you want a unique look for your space, consider a kitchen garden window. This is typically a window above the sink in the kitchen, and it maximizes the kitchen space by extending through the facade of the house, allowing you to place plants on the windowsill. If you want to add some creativity to your interior design, a garden window in the kitchen injects personality and style. 

Approximate cost: You can expect to pay anywhere between $1000 to $4000 but averaging $2500 for garden windows. This includes installation costs.

Best climate: While stylish, this type of window works best for moderate climates with little rain or cold. If you’re looking to add extra seating or storage space and like this style, you may also want to consider a bay window in the kitchen.

2. Sliding windows

The most recommended type of kitchen window is the sliding window, as it easily slides open on a track, making it perfect for kitchen sinks and counters. This option is also a great ventilation choice and is very user-friendly. 

Approximate cost: You can expect to pay between $378 to $1285 per window to install. The window size, brand, and materials you choose factor into the price. Vinyl windows, for instance, cost less than fiberglass windows. Labor costs can run from $38 per hour depending on local rates. 

Choosing your sizing: Use an online sizing chart to help you get the right sizing before purchasing your new sliding kitchen windows.

3. Double-hung windows

Double-hung kitchen windows are another popular choice. They’re often lauded for their versatility as they can be opened from the top or bottom. You can open them wide, or just a little bit to let some fresh air in. A wide-open window without a screen is a danger to small children, so as a safety precaution, these windows come double latched to ensure closure.  

Approximate cost: These are one of the most common windows to be replaced in a home, and the cost is between $450 to $1000. Add in costs for a higher quality brand, and expect to pay more if you’re looking to purchase wooden double hung windows or triple paned glass features, which would run you $800 to $1000 per window. 

Material types: There are various types of materials for double-hung windows, the most affordable being vinyl. However, vinyl wears out quicker and offers less support than alternatives. Other options include: fiberglass, which is more expensive but offers the best in insulation and weather resistance; aluminum, the strongest but the least energy efficient; and wood, which is the most expensive and durable, but is prone to expansion which leads to eventual performance issues. 

Casement kitchen window

4. Casement windows

Another common option homeowners like in the kitchen is casement windows, which are highly functional. These are the windows with a crank that allow you to control how much air flow enters. You’ll never have to worry about overheating your kitchen again.

Approximate cost: Homeowners can expect to pay on average $325 – $680 per window, and local installation labor costs can total $560 per window. 

Air flow considerations: Some important things to consider when buying casement windows are to also install them along the side of the house to increase airflow. A good tip on where to position casements is to place wind chimes around the house in order to determine where the wind usually comes from for best results. 

Adding Patio Doors to Your Kitchen

Like kitchen windows, adding patio doors can help tie in the look and feel of your home while adding resale value. Patio doors brighten up your space and make it more functional, giving you greater access to the outdoors. As you plan your kitchen renovations, you should consider not just your window placement and budget but how sliding doors in the kitchen (or even French doors, if it’s in your budget) might factor into your overall plans.

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