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Most Popular Bedroom Windows

Your bedroom is typically where your days begin and end. For that reason, this should be one of the most relaxed rooms in your home — a place you feel the most comfortable expressing yourself. One of the ways to ensure a peaceful space that matches your unique style is to focus on your bedroom windows.

If you’ve already begun your home window renovation project, you’ve probably realized that different window styles will work best for different rooms. When focusing on bedroom windows, you’ll want to opt for ones that will allow natural light to come in, and give you control over the room’s airflow for proper circulation.

There are many different window types available, and selecting the right one for your bedroom might feel overwhelming. Nobody wants to wake up each day to windows they regret, which is why Modernize can help you select the best bedroom windows for your next project — and which ones to avoid.

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Window Frame Material

While the style of your bedroom windows might seem like the most important decision — and it very well might be — there are other decisions you’ll want to make before selecting a style. One of those decisions is the type of window frame.

There are several window frame materials available, each with their own unique pros and cons. One of the best options to consider for your bedroom window renovation is vinyl. Window frames made of vinyl might not be as elegant as their wood counterparts, but they offer lasting durability for a fraction of the price of other materials. They also don’t require regular painting to upkeep.

If you have extra room in your budget, but still want a low maintenance frame option, take a look at fiberglass. These frames are highly durable and can be painted for further customization, but they can come at a steep price.

Energy-Efficient Windows

Windows that let outside air sneak in when you don’t want it to can make for an uncomfortable bedroom. Ensuring you have energy-efficient windows can not only keep your room comfortable, but it can also save you money on your monthly utility bill.

Look for windows that have a low-emissivity, or Low-E, coating to keep cool air in during the summer and keep it out during the winter. Consider double pane windows as well to maximize your energy savings and boost the comfort of your bedroom. These windows are filled with air, argon, krypton or other gases to help limit the amount of outside air seeping into your home.

Window Styles for Your Home

Picking a window frame and the specifics of energy-efficient glass might not be the most exciting, but selecting the style of your bedroom windows is where your sense of aesthetics can finally shine. Despite the numerous window styles available on the market, when it comes to bedrooms you’ll want to focus on two common options — double-hung and casement. 

A double-hung window looks like what most people consider a “standard” window — featuring a moveable upper and lower panel or sash. These types of windows allow you to move either panel up or down. This gives you the ability to control air circulation and temperature in the room, helping to keep cool in the warmer months and reduce stuffiness.

Another popular option is the installation of casement windows. These windows are typically hinged at the side and opened using a crank. When fully opened, they look similar to a pair of open barn doors and offer homeowners unobstructed landscape views to the outside. 

Thanks to their crank operation, casement windows give homeowners a superior level of control over how much or how little they desire them to open. This provides all the same air circulation benefits of double-hung windows and ensures a more airtight closure due to their compression seals.

Windows to Avoid

Despite their beauty and modern aesthetic, it is recommended you avoid installing picture windows in your bedroom — save them for your living room instead. These single pane windows offer entirely clear views without any sightlines. 

While this might seem stunning to wake up to, their inability to open restricts your access to fresh circulating air and increases your dependence on your air conditioning unit to cool the room. Additionally, by being inoperable, they cannot be used as an emergency exit. Only having your door as an exit option is considered unsafe, as it limits your available routes to safety.

The Next Steps of Your Bedroom Window Project

Whether you’re ready to take the next step in your bedroom window renovation project, or still have a few questions, Modernize can connect you with a trusted, local professional to help you move closer to the bedroom of your dreams. Contact us today to learn more and get started!

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