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Save on Your Window Replacement This Winter

Most home improvement projects, including window replacements, are started and completed during the spring or fall seasons— when the weather is more comfortable and predictable. However, a home improvement project during high season will likely impact your estimate and project timeline. During these warmer months, contractors and supplies are in high demand. Contractors are less likely to offer discounts when during peak times. To save money on your window replacement, consider scheduling your project during the cooler months.

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Save Money with Seasonal Sales and Promotions

Construction slows in the winter, but contractors still have a business to operate. To entice homeowners, many contractors will offer discounts and specials to attract business during the colder months. Take advantage of these seasonal offers to save money on your project.

Simple Scheduling and Cheaper Window Materials

During high season, it can take a few weeks to meet with busy contractors and order window supplies from manufacturers. During the winter months, contractors are more flexible. Materials are also usually less expensive and take less time to ship.


Enjoy Increased Energy Efficiency

Replacing your windows in the winter allows you to immediately see your return on your investment. See reduced energy costs on your utility bill, and enjoy a warmer home with new energy efficient windows.

Don’t Fret About Cold Weather Affecting Installation

Many homeowners are concerned that winter weather will impact caulking, adhesives, and materials. Products are made to perform under all weather conditions. Contractors are also skilled at making sure your home remains comfortable throughout the installation. Contractors will replace one window at a time to avoid significant heat and energy loss in your home.

No Snow? No Problem

While snow and wintery weather affects many locations, southern states enjoy moderate weather year-round. Homeowners in states like Florida, Texas, Arizona, and California should take advantage of seasonal discounts and pricing without much worry of ice and snow.

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