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Buying Windows in Aurora, Illinois

The time has come to upgrade your current windows. The question is, where to start? The State of Illinois supports improvements to homes and commercial buildings. In many cities, you’ll find rebate and incentive programs to help cut the initial cost of the investment in home improvement projects including new window installation.

Climate Considerations in Aurora

There’s a lot more to choosing new windows that you might think. First, you need to take into account the climate. Aurora typically has temperatures in the 30 and 40-degree range November through March. April and May warm up to the 60s and 70s with June, July and August in the 80-degree range. October and November begin to cool down in anticipation of the colder weather of November. With this in mind, it’s important to choose windows specific to the climate in Aurora.

Buying New and Replacement Windows in Aurora

There are several factors to consider when you purchase or replace your windows applicable to your climate zone. These include the U-factor, Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC), Visible Transmittance (VT) and Air Leakage (AL). You’ll find all of this information on the certified Energy Star label. The Efficient Windows Collaborative is a good resource for explaining the different factors and how each applies to your window choice.

Once you’ve chosen a window frame material whether vinyl, fiberglass, wood, or aluminum that meets the climate requirements, choose a window style that fits in with the architecture and theme of your home. The last thing you want is to add new windows and have your home look out of sync. There are numerous styles and materials available.

If you’re interested in rebates or incentive programs because they qualify for a tax credit you must choose windows that are certified by Energy Star. Non-certified windows do not meet the criteria set forth by the EPA and are not eligible for a tax credit. Energy Star windows are easy to spot because they carry a label stating they are certified Energy Star products. The windows will also have a NFRC label (National Fenestration Rating Council).

aurora illinois replacement windows

Hiring Windows Contractors in Aurora, Illinois

Hiring a contractor is an important step as you’ll want a professional to do the job. Schedule several contractors to visit the property and supply you with a written estimate. Follow up with a check of the company with the Better Business Bureau.

In many states, a permit must be pulled before new windows can be installed or removed and replaced. Contact your local city office about permit requirements and any other requirements the city may have in place before having a contractor start the project.

Window Energy Rebates in Aurora

There are approximately 70 programs in Illinois on the list available from the Department of Energy dedicated to promoting energy efficient homes and commercial buildings. Additional information about incentives in Aurora can be found at the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO) and Bureau of Energy and Recycling, and Commonwealth Edison’s (ComED) program for New Construction Service. You’ll also find information on the Federal Tax Credit and additional information about the program at Energy Star.

Benefits of Installing New Windows in Aurora

The two main benefits most people think of when upgrading windows is the amount of money that will be saved in energy bills and the new “face” your home or commercial building will show off. These are important but there are other benefits to consider.

  • If you choose dual paned windows, you’ll lessen the burden on your heating and cooling system. Why? Because the two panes plus glazing filters out the ultraviolet rays which, when left to their own devices, heat up the interior. This, in turn, trips the thermostat so the cooling portion of the system kicks in to bring the temperature to a comfortable level. This leads to excessive wear on the heating and cooling system and can lead to a system breakdown.
  • New windows, especially double-paned windows, work as a buffer to eliminate outside noise. The windows also eliminate the issue of fading of furniture, rugs, carpets, and window treatments.
  • Another area new windows address is the elimination of condensation. This build-up of moisture and/or pooling water is eliminated due to the high quality materials used for window frames and glazing. Reduced condensation means less chance of mold, mildew and damaged window frames and sills.

Return on Investment (ROI) of Replacement Windows for Aurora Homes

While receiving a return on your investment is a definite benefit, overall, there is another factor that comes into the picture when you’ve installed new windows. With new windows the marketing value is raised substantially because your home has been upgraded whether with traditional windows or energy efficient models.

Each month your energy bill will reflect a savings to your wallet. Over the years, the windows will continue to be the product that keeps on giving in monetary savings as well as sustained comfort for your home. You’ll add visual appeal to the interior and exterior of your home with new windows, have clearer views, and enjoy peace and quiet due to the windows filtering out external noise. While the initial output of money for new windows can range up to $10,000, or more, you’ll still come out ahead in the long run.