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“I have old windows in my home and I need to replace them.”

Replacement windows that provide proper protection from the elements while giving access to sunlight and beautiful views are an important feature for a home to have. Home windows allow you to watch the kids play, take in the sunrise and sunset, or gaze at your garden from the comfort of the couch.

Whether you are restoring house windows or updating them completely, Modernize is here to help you find replacement windows in Joliet, IL. New windows can easily boost your house's curb appeal and is one of the most popular home improvement renovations a homeowner can do.

We are proud of what we do. We want to connect our homeowners to the best local window contractors in a quick and easy process. We are proud of what we do. We want to connect our homeowners to the best local window contractors in a quick and easy process.

Window Replacement in Joliet, Illinois

They may call Chicago the windy city, but Joliet could definitely give it a run for its money! With winter temperatures regularly dropping into the low digits, the weather can be severe, to say the least. And if your home’s windows aren’t up to snuff, that cold can really hurt your wallet as well.

Investing in energy efficient windows can help you root out unnecessary spending on your heating bills, and it can ensure that your new windows meet efficiency requirements in your area. Of course, when you’re beginning your replacement, there are a few factors to take into consideration, not least of which are the laws regulating window repairs in the city. Follow the guide for a brief rundown of energy efficient windows and how to begin a replacement project in your home.

Window Contractor Requirements in Joliet

In Illinois, homeowners are allowed to complete small repairs on their homes without engaging a contractor. However, window replacements can be deceptively complicated, especially if you’ll be extending the size of the window or making alterations to the surrounding wall.

Unless you have a pretty thorough background in home repair, it’s a good idea to use a licensed contractor who can make sure the project is up-to-code. Of course, selecting a contractor requires its own know-how as well; that’s why it’s good to do a little digging into potential candidates’ backgrounds. Licensing is important, of course–you want any contractor you choose to have the certifications necessary to do the work–but you can also check with the city’s Building Department to verify whether or not the contractor has any outstanding debts to the city. Lastly, ask for references. Your contractor should be able to provide some names.

Applying for Window Permits in Joliet

Many small repairs in Joliet can be made without a permit, so if your repair will be relatively small–for instance, if you’re making a direct replacement of the window, it’s possible you may be able to do so without a permit.

However, larger projects often require homeowners to apply for a permit with the city’s Building and Inspectional Services Division first. They’re located at 150 W. Jefferson Street, Joliet, IL 60432. Just to be safe, it’s highly recommended that you call the department first before beginning any work. You may need to provide a description of your plans, complete with measurements, as well as the name of the contractor you’ll be using when you apply.

Window Requirements in Joliet

There is an energy code in effect in Illinois, and that code dictates that you take a closer look at your windows before you buy so that you can make sure they pass muster. Windows are labeled with industry-standard measurements, and one of these is the window’s U-factor rating. U-factor tells how well the glass insulates a home–the lower the U-factor, the more effective it is at insulating. In Will County, a window’s U-factor must measure no more than 0.32.

While that rating will make sure your new windows stay up-to-code, if you really want to maximize your savings on your bills, you may want to shop for products with an even lower U-factor. A helpful point of reference is to use the EPA’s ENERGY STAR labeling. When you see that certification, you know that the window has been rated and found to meet energy-efficiency standards, including U-factor.


Joliet illinois replacement Windows

Window Inspections in Joliet

After all work is complete on the project, it’s time to call the city to ask for an inspection. Usually, an inspector will expect to have the permit and all related materials, like drawings and plans, available at the time of their inspection.

Insulation and Window Care in Joliet

There’s another efficiency measurement windows in Joliet need to meet that has nothing to do with the glass you choose. Because of the extreme temperatures, window frames here also need to be certified to reach certain insulative measurements, or what’s known as R-value. That rating lets you know how much heat is lost to the frame, and in Joliet, it should be no lower than 20.

Meanwhile, there’s a way to tell if a window is losing heat just by looking at it–check the caulking after it is installed. If it’s not applied in a neat, smooth line across the glass, you could be leaking hot air. Also, you can net additional savings by installing weatherstripping yourself on the moving parts of the window.

Rebates and Incentives in Joliet

The local government in Joliet doesn’t offer any rebates or incentives for residents installing energy efficient windows, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t still save money by using them. The EPA’s ENERGY STAR program provide homeowners with a return of up to 10 percent of the cost of energy-efficient materials. With rebates maxing out at $200, that can definitely help you even out the cost of your new windows. Just file form 5695 with your taxes.

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