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Able Roof started out in 1986 with Steve Weyl, his pickup truck, and his keen sense for what homeowners were looking… More
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Local Metal Roof Installers

“I'm seeing some water damage. I think I need to replace my roof.”

Metal Roof Installation Near Me

Metal roofing installation should always be completed by an experienced local contractor. It can be tempting to hire the metal roofing installer with the lowest price bid; however, sometimes that can cause longterm problems if it’s not properly installed. Your metal roofing installer should have a technical knowledge of installing metal roofs and reviews and references from past homeowners who have used their services. If you are installing a metal roof on top of your old roofing, you may need to have the old roof completely removed before your metal roof can be installed properly.

metal roofing costs guide

How to Hire a Metal Roofer Near Me 

At Modernize, we frequently speak to homeowners about their metal roof installation projects. In our recent interviews, 90 percent of homeowners requested a checklist to help them find and vet reliable local roof contractors. Modernize offers homeowners a free, digital metal roofing contractor checklist as a simple, step-by-step guide to assist with your roofing installation project to make sure you hire the best installer for your home.

1. Find a Reliable Metal Roofer

We live in a digital age where reviews, references, and contractors near you often have social media profiles where you can research and vet your contractor in real time.  When looking for your local metal roofer, you’ll want to see what other homeowners in your area are saying about the metal roof installers you are thinking about hiring.

2. What to Ask Your Metal Roofer Before Hiring

Ask each metal roofing contractor on the phone the following questions:

  • How long have you been in business?
  • How much experience do you have with roof repairs or installations?
  • What is your project estimate?
  • Can you provide a list of references?
  • Can you provide proof of insurance for personal liability, worker’s compensation, and property damage coverage?

Things to Be Careful About: 

Unfortunately, there is a small percentage of contractors who are not honest professionals. Many of these door-to-door contractors flock to areas impacted by storms, and scam unsuspecting homeowners with offers that boast pre-payment or covered deductibles.

Here are additional warning signs to keep in mind:

  • Avoid contractors who request the entire project cost, or large cash deposit, up front.
  • Avoid anyone who pressures you to sign a contract immediately.
  • Be wary of any outliers in your quotes. All estimates should be relatively similar unless the material type is significantly different.

3. Hiring a Metal Roof Installer Near You

Before your local metal roofer starts on your new metal roof, there are a few things you’ll want to be prepared to ask for from them.

  • Reconfirm your initial quote.
  • Agree upon a payment plan.
  • Make sure you have a physical or digital copy of each of these things from your metal roofer:
    • Your metal roof installation contract
    • Full Detailed Project plans
    • Potential Order changes that could influence final price
    • Bills and invoices
    • Proof of contractor insurance and/or permitting, and
    • Contractor correspondence (phone numbers, emails, and preferred form of communication.)
    • Estimated roof installation completion date

metal roofing installation

How Much Does Metal Roofing Installation Cost Near Me?

Metal roofing is usually more expensive than if you were going to install an asphalt shingle roof. However, the return on investment despite the initial high costs of installation is important to note. On average homeowners in your area can expect around $5 to $12 per square foot of metal roofing material installed. For the average size home, you could expect total metal roofing installation costs to come out to around $15,850. However, it will depend what type of metal roof you are planning on installing. A copper roof will be much more expensive than a standard metal roof. It’s often smart to get an estimate on new roof replacement costs from a cost calculator like Modernize offers to negotiate the best price with your roofing contractor.

Metal Roofing Labor Costs

Labor will cost you anywhere from $2.30 to $5.80 per square foot. Keep in mind that roofing contractors have many expenses and generally make a 25% profit from their labor.

What are the Different Types of Metal Roofs You Can Install? 

Here are the most common metal roof types on the market that homeowners have installed:

  • Aluminum Metal Roofs
  • Copper Metal Roofing
  • Corrugated Metal Roof
  • Metal Tile Roofs
  • Metal Slate Roofs
  • Standing Seam Metal Roofs
  • Steel Metal Roofing
  • Tin Roofing
  • Zinc Metal Roofing

Metal Roofing Repair

When you install your new metal roof, your metal roof will be coated with a mixture of aluminum and zinc called galvalume or zincalume. Galvalume usually lasts longer if your local metal roofer has both options available. Each different metal roof coat has a different level of thickness that can effect how often you will have to deal with metal roof repairs and maintenance.

Longterm exposure to weather and the other outdoor elements will deteriorate your protective metal roof coat and will as some point need to be recoated. Most metal roof repair contractors will suggest you use a Kynar to re-coat your metal roof over time. This will bring your metal roof up to a new standard and keep it strong and protecting your home for years to come.

Metal Roof Maintenance

One simple metal roofing maintenance project you can take on is to simply keep your roof clean. A qualified roof cleaning contractor will often use a simple pressure washer along with some cleaning solution such as soap and water to remove debris that gets built up overtime and can damage your metal roof overtime. Your metal roof can last for quite a bit longer with proper maintenance overtime.