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Replacement Window Buying in Rochester, NY

Finding window replacement contractors in Rochester is no different from buying windows anywhere else in the New York. With the exception of local building permits and requirements, all construction in the state must adhere to the New York State Building Standards and Codes. Like most home improvement projects, careful planning and thought should go into a new window purchase or replacement.

There are many reasons that can lead to a new window purchase. The most common reasons are a desire for increased energy efficient windows and comfort levels or that your existing windows may require a costly maintenance. Other reasons are a to increase your property value or to remove a lead paint hazard, which is a problem most often associated with old, wood framed windows common throughout the New York area.

All of the aforementioned reasons can factor into the decision to replace existing windows or when purchasing new windows for an addition or newly constructed home. Of course, there is more to it than just those factors mentioned above. This article will try to explain some of the lesser-known reasons that lead to a window purchase as well as where you can buy them and who to hire to install them.

Window Efficiency for Rochester Homes

All windows are energy efficient to a certain degree. They prevent outside weather elements from penetrating your home. How well they work at their designed purpose depends on the following factors:

  • The window’s Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) measures the amount of solar radiation transferred through the window. Solar heat can increase inside temperatures, resulting in higher energy bills during the summer months. The lower the SHGC number, the more efficient the window is at reducing solar radiation.
  • All windows allow heat loss or gain with some being more efficient than others. The U-factor rates the heat lost or gained through a window. The lower the number, the more effective it is a reducing heat loss or gain.
  • High quality, well-put together windows will always beat out a lesser quality, loosely built window when it comes to stopping drafts and energy efficiency.

The climate of Rochester, New York features mild summers with moderate to severe winter conditions. In these parts of the country, it is safe to say that air conditioning takes a back seat to their heating needs. Because of this, Rochester residents should focus on window qualities that affect heating — the U-factor and window tightness — first and above the SHGC when choosing new or replacement windows for their property.

Purchasing new or replacement windows based on energy savings alone often does not justify a good “Return on Investment” or ROI as it could take many years to recoup your investment. However, when you combine the energy savings with other factors such as the elimination of lead paint, increased comfort levels, property value and aesthetic beauty the expense can easily be justified.

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Rochester Window Replacement Suppliers

There are many window brand suppliers and contractors located in Rochester, New York. Where you purchase them should depend on a couple of key questions. First, are they licensed and carry the proper insurance required by the city of Rochester and State of New York? Are they a reputable company that can provide solid references, quality products and industry experience?

Paying for New Windows in Rochester

Installing a new window package or replacing existing windows in your home can carry a heavy replacement window cost. Windows are not cheap and the more efficient they are the more expensive they become. Residents living in areas that require hurricane resistant windows can expect the costs to be even higher. Residents replacing existing windows must also factor in the costs required to remove and dispose of the old windows as well as unexpected costs like drywall and stucco repair. To garner your business, some window suppliers provide attractive financing offers, with some requiring no money down. Home equity loans, secured loans and unsecured loans such as a credit cards are also viable ways to pay for your new window purchase.

Window Replacement Rebate and Incentive Programs in New York

Rebates and incentives can help you absorb the cost of new or replacement windows. Both state and federal agencies have enacted rebates and incentive programs covering a wide range of energy efficient home improvement programs. Local utility companies also provide rebates for energy efficient improvements. Residents interested in researching rebates and incentive programs for their area can visit for federal programs or the Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency (DSIRE) to find policies, rebates and incentive programs by state. City, state and federal programs expire, become exhausted and are refunded throughout the year. It is in your best interest to stay up to date on current programs to take advantage of the available savings before purchasing your new windows.