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design and furniture in modern patio How Do These Decking Options Compare in Price, Longevity, and Maintenance?
With warm weather just around the corner, this is the best time to prepare your outdoor space for months of enjoyment. And if you’re considering building or replacing a deck, you probably have plenty of questions about where to start. Here are five different decking options you can use for the construction, along with a comparison of the cost, look, life Continue Reading
Garden pond with lights The Benefits of Using a Solar Water Pump in Your Garden
Whether it’s the calming burble of a Zen-inspired water fountain or the showy spray of a three-tiered waterfall, a water feature adds a special touch to any garden or outdoor area. Water features can make cramped gardens seem lush and spacious—and cut back on mowing and trimming maintenance. Plus, adding a fountain to your pond or pool has sound reduction Continue Reading
Square cropped portrait of Eastern gray squirrel emerging from nest in the eaves of an old porch with left paw folded over chest facing camera.  The background is raw and green painted wood. Ask an Expert: How Can I Keep Wildlife Out of My Home?
Phil Ardizzone founded AT&R Trapping in 1986 in Montgomery County, MD to humanely remove animals from homes and businesses and provide long-term solutions to homeowners and commercial industries that are faced with problems resulting from nuisance wildlife. Ardizzone offered these suggestions if you find you have unwelcome wildlife taking up residence in and around your home or property. It seems Continue Reading
A beautiful display of Christmas lights brighten a dark snowy evening. Ask an Expert: Interview with an Outdoor Holiday Lighting Expert
Justin Jaques is a home improvement contractor who also specializes in hanging holiday lights. Here’s his advice for homeowners on working with contractors to hang and maintain festive outdoor lighting. Why should a homeowner call a contractor to hang their holiday lights? People are getting busier all the time—especially around the chaotic holiday season—and find they don’t have time to Continue Reading
Light wrapped tree at Twilight Energy-Efficient Outdoor Holiday Lights
Aren’t holiday lights the best? The way they can transform your home into a festive winter wonderland—nothing beats it when you’re looking for seasonal cheer. Still, it can be quite a challenge to hang them; plus, they use a lot of energy, and they’re expensive to keep lit. Here are some tips for outdoor holiday lights that are both energy-efficient Continue Reading
close up hand holding soil peat moss How to Use Leaves to Start a Home Composting System
If you’re still raking all your leaves to the curb or packing them into plastic bags, you’re missing an opportunity to create gold. Of course, in this case we mean the kind made from compost—decomposed organic material that can make the soil in your garden or landscape so rich and crumbly that almost anything can grow in it. Compost may be Continue Reading
Two white garage doors with windows on blue house Quick and Easy Garage Door Updates for Instant Curb Appeal
It’s easy to overlook your garage door when you’re thinking about renovating your home because—let’s just admit it—spending a lot of time or energy on your garage door does not rank high on the list of “fun home renovation projects.” But remember, garage doors maintain the look and feel of your home. Your garage door should neither bore you to Continue Reading
winter-home What Are Your Best Eco-Friendly De-icing Options?
What’s the most eco-friendly way to deal with wintry ice on sidewalks, driveways, porches and steps? Most people stock up on bags of salty de-icer, and then start throwing handfuls of it around when snow starts falling, thinking “More is better.” There are two problems with this approach. First, many common de-icers are loaded with potent chemicals like urea, potassium nitrate, Continue Reading
/kitchen Indoor Gardening Projects to Beat the Winter Blues
Any gardener worth their snuff knows that an afternoon spent out in the dirt can cure almost any case of the blues. Science, too, confirms evidence of gardening’s many mental health benefits. From relieving stress to aiding depression, working outdoors keeps you healthier and happier. So what are you to do when the ground’s frozen solid for months on end, Continue Reading
backyard-water-fountain Can Fountains and Other Water Features Be Sustainable?
Does your landscaping need a little extra something? Water features like ponds, fountains, and pools may be just the ticket. These lovely standouts can transform an ordinary garden into a stunning visual feast. With their peaceful, tranquil feel, they easily capture the romance of an Italian courtyard or the total zen of a Buddhist garden. Unfortunately, though, when used improperly, Continue Reading

Outdoor Living Ideas

That sad area behind your house with all the patchy grass and weeds? Yeah, that could look way better. We know you know. So that’s why we’ve compiled a ton of inspiration to get you on track to take your backyard to the next level where you’ll be able to enjoy outdoor living at its finest. From fire pits to stone patios to decorating decks on the cheap, get the best outdoor living ideas for your home.

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