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breezeway How to Add a Breezeway Between Your Home and Garage
A connected breezeway running between your home and garage gives your property a luxury feel, offering a covered space for outdoor entertaining and lounging. It improves traffic flow in your home and can even add a covetable architectural element to your home’s exterior. Like any home addition, your options abound when designing a new breezeway. You’ll want to consider not Continue Reading
Timber Sheets Complete Guide to Decking Materials
Adding a deck can boost the value of your home as well as increasing the amount of time you’ll spend entertaining friends and neighbors, but it’s hard to see the forest for the trees when choosing which materials to use. We’re here to help with our complete guide to make sure your deck is a hit! Pressure Treated Lumber Maintenance: Continue Reading
Green roof in mountains Green Roofs: Examples of Unique Eco-Friendly Roofs
Covering roofs with small plants is becoming increasingly popular, for energy, environmental and aesthetic reasons alike. Here’s an overview of the many benefits creating a green roof confers, along with some suggestions on how to make your own roof greener and more eco-friendly. Benefits of a Green Roof: Extend the life of your roof Conventional shingle roofs generally last only between Continue Reading
garden sprayer How to Lower Your Water Footprint in Your Garden
Gardening is a time-honored tradition, but luckily, we live in an era where water flows freely from the tap (can you imagine hauling all the water you needed for your garden by hand?). Modern environmental concerns mean today’s gardeners need to consider their water footprint in the backyard. Water-wise gardening isn’t about simply reducing the amount of water you use—it’s a whole Continue Reading
Monarch butterfly How to Plant a Garden Butterflies Will Love
When you see butterflies, isn’t it like a little magic has decided to float by? They’re exotic and beautiful, quiet but quick, and often gone just when you realize they were there. That’s why planting a butterfly garden is so satisfying. It can attract and keep an abundance of butterflies around so you can enjoy them in all their stages Continue Reading
sustainable porch furniture How to Buy “Green” Porch and Patio Furniture
“Green,” of course, doesn’t refer to either the color of the porch furniture, or the unseasoned condition of the wood it’s made from. We’re talking about furniture that brings with it a minimal environmental impact as well as utility, comfort, and maybe even a little design pizzazz. While you’ll have to be the judge of how comfortable a chair is or Continue Reading
Sprouts and watering can Summer Gardening for Black Thumbs and Busy People
It may be summer, but gardening is no vacation for you—you’ve got so many dead plants on your rap sheet that you’ve pretty much consigned yourself to a garden-free yard for the foreseeable future. However, while you may not have had much luck in your past horticultural forays, you don’t need to run in the other direction every time you Continue Reading
Outdoor shed Backyard Escapes: Inspiration for Upgrading Your Shed
For many homeowners, the garden shed is a necessary eyesore in a well-maintained yard. For years, sheds have been purely functional spaces for storing tools and equipment, but that’s beginning to change. Recently, we’ve seen a trend towards stylish sheds that serve more elegant purposes. Since the tiny house hit the scene, more people are thinking outside of the box Continue Reading
Rainwater barrel storage How Rain Catch Systems Work
With the western half of the US experiencing historical drought levels, it’s time to get serious about reducing our water footprint, and one very practical way to do so is through a rain catchment system. These setups can easily provide water that would be otherwise lost to landscaping, holding collected rainwater until it’s needed. Your average homeowner can have one Continue Reading
IMG_6334 Dress Up Your Deck With A DIY Gas Fire Pit
Gas fire pits are a newer trend that marry the cozy warmth of a backyard fire with ease and convenience. As much fun as it is to roast marshmallows during a camp-out, let’s face it. It’s also a lot of work. So instead of spending your time chopping wood, obtaining a fire permit, and struggling to light a fire the Continue Reading

Outdoor Living Ideas

That sad area behind your house with all the patchy grass and weeds? Yeah, that could look way better. We know you know. So that’s why we’ve compiled a ton of inspiration to get you on track to take your backyard to the next level where you’ll be able to enjoy outdoor living at its finest. From fire pits to stone patios to decorating decks on the cheap, get the best outdoor living ideas for your home.

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