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Learn About the Best Deck Materials

Turn your backyard into an oasis with the perfect deck

If you’re considering a deck for your backyard, you could be scratching your head about materials. Doesn’t wood rot quickly? Will it be expensive? Your worries will be laid to rest with some knowledge about today’s deck materials. Select a composite material, mixing plastic and wood fibers together, to have a wood deck appearance without the consistent care. If you really want a traditional wood deck, several lumber types are available with minimal care, from cedar to redwood. Aluminum is another material option, although it’s admittedly more expensive than other choices. It lasts for many years without much care. You can even walk on it on a hot day and feel a cool sensation. Working with your contractor to find the best price and material for your home is crucial. You want the deck to match your home’s decor while creating an outdoor experience unique to the property. Home values soar with a properly installed deck.