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Design the Perfect Landscape

Summer Lawn The Green Way to Care for your Lawn this Summer - We all love lying out in our gardens during a beautiful, hot and sunny day. In fact, it’s fair to say that relaxing on a lush green lawn makes the experience even more pleasurable. But for a lawn, summer season can be the most stressful time of the year. Keeping it healthy while the temperature soars and rainfall becomes a Continue Reading
Beautiful outside rest area with hamaque Turn Your Side Yard Into Something Incredible - Quick: what’s the most neglected aspect of the average home’s landscape design? It turns out that the smallest space is also the biggest challenge. Many homeowners ignore their side yards completely, leaving the strip of lawn between neighbors to languish as a sad little no-man’s land. It doesn’t have to be that way. With a little creativity, you can turn Continue Reading
A pergola and deck in an English urban garden. Beyond the Patio Umbrella: Pergola Ideas - It even sounds nice rolling off the tongue. Pergola. On the patio or deck, it extends the property structure by providing an arbor or projection from the roof going forward and creating a delicate shade cover. While it would seem to be sparsely constructed of horizontal trellis work supported by posts or columns, the pergola provides much more than it appears Continue Reading

Create the Perfect Yard

Do more with your outdoor space – it doesn’t have to just be a bunch of grass. Great front yards mean great curb appeal, so help increase your home’s value with lush landscaping. Everybody wants to be that house on the block – the one that seems perfectly manicured and pristine. But it’s not an unattainable dream. Suffer from yard envy no more.

From flower bed designs to backyard garden ideas, to general landscaping ideas for your front yard, Modernize has everything you need to start planning for a gorgeous yard and a backyard oasis.