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Sunrun is the nation's largest residential solar, storage and energy services company. With a mission to create a planet run by… More
  • 18 Years in Business
  • Offers Financing
Our goal is to make our customers feel good about their decision about new windows, doors, siding, roofing and more. Products… More
  • 12 Years in Business
Best Choice Roofing is a national roofing company with offices all across the United States. Ever since our start in 2009,… More
  • 13 Years in Business
  • Accepts Emergency Requests
Bentley Roofing is a state certified full service roofing contractor specializing in the complete installation and repair of commercial and residential… More
  • 4 Years in Business
  • Accepts Emergency Requests
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Berkley Home Remodeling is a leader in providing top quality home remodeling services. Our goal is to provide 100% customer satisfaction… More
  • 7 Years in Business
  • Accepts Credit Card
We work with all 42 solar contractors under the umbrella of NJ clean energy programs. Examining the homeowners usage and property… More
  • 18 Years in Business
  • Accepts Emergency Requests
  • 23 Years in Business
  • Offers Financing
Solar States is taking the opportunity to affect positive environmental and economic change by making a commitment to solar energy project… More
  • 14 Years in Business
We are a group of individuals that are dedicated to saving you money and saving the planet. More
  • 14 Years in Business
  • Accepts Emergency Requests
New York State Solar and roofing has been bringing solar savings, transparency, and expertise to the Tri-State area since 2009 We… More
  • 13 Years in Business
  • Accepts Emergency Requests
SolarWorld Americas sources only the highest-quality components and materials from proven suppliers. Our team sources local materials whenever possible and because… More
  • 10 Years in Business
  • Accepts Credit Card
Suntuity solar is solar company based in Holmdel NJ. The key factors that make us different is we are able to… More
  • 19 Years in Business
  • Accepts Emergency Requests
At Guardian Home Improvements, we provide quality craftsmanship and materials for a reasonable price. With a strong belief that we should… More
  • 14 Years in Business
  • Accepts Emergency Requests
The foundation of any successful business is built on first putting peoples welfare above personal gain and profit. As a local… More
  • 9 Years in Business
  • Accepts Credit Card
Daves Discount Roofing is the right choice for people who need reliable services in Friendswood, TX. Our local roofing company provides… More
  • 33 Years in Business
  • Accepts Credit Card
For 24 years we have served New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania offering a wide range of services including roofing, pavers, drywall,… More
  • 28 Years in Business
  • Accepts Emergency Requests
Power Construction Roofs is a family operated business that has been in the roofing industry for over 15 years. Over the… More
  • 21 Years in Business
  • Accepts Credit Card
A small family owned business committed to keeping you comfortable, day after day. More
  • 3 Years in Business
  • Accepts Emergency Requests
Let our consultants assist you in translating your dream in to a comprehensive and affordable design. With nearly 20 years in… More
  • 23 Years in Business
  • Licensed
We are a family owned and operated business serving the entire Tri-state area. We are a full exterior home remodeling company… More
  • 17 Years in Business
  • Accepts Emergency Requests
Joseph McCann Co., Inc., is a family owned and operated business that has been servicing residents of Chester County and surrounding… More
  • 47 Years in Business
  • Accepts Credit Card
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Replacing Your Roof in Philadelphia

Are you a homeowner in Philadelphia who is planning to replace your roof but not sure  where to start? There are a few things you’ll want to consider before beginning your roof replacement project.

This city roofing buying guide is a basic roadmap of things you’ll need to consider prior to having a new roof installed. Selecting the type and color of roofing material is just one of many steps involved in a successful roofing project. Use this checklist to be sure you’ve covered all the bases for what can be a significant investment in your home.

  • Climate & Weather
  • Required Permits
  • Contractor Selection
  • Roofing Materials
  • Estimated Cost
  • Rebates
  • Other Considerations

Here is a list of things you should also consider in order to best prepare for your new roof installation. 

Hiring a Roof Contractor in Philadelphia

In Philadelphia, any contractor who is paid $500 or more must have a contractor’s license. Since a new roof will cost more than $500, you’ll need to set aside time to find a qualified, licensed, insured and bonded roofing contractor. Hiring a contractor is an important step as you want to know the roof is installed according to code from start to finish. Get estimates from several roofing companies, ask for each contractor’s license and insurance, check with the Better Business Bureau for negative reviews, and with the Pennsylvania Department of State licensing verification website page to validate credentials.

Which Roof Type Should I Install? 

You have different options for roofs to choose from if you are replacing your roof. The market has improved in the past years when it comes to roofing materials. Now, there are numerous roofing material choices plus a bit of innovation too. Metal roofing materials are currently being chosen over traditional roofing materials like shingles made of asphalt. A new metal roof can have a higher installation cost, but usually lasts longer than asphalt shingle roofs and also has more style options. Moreover, there are metal roofings that resemble other material but are longer lasting and more energy efficient. 

Research Your New Roof

Make sure you do due diligence in looking for the best roofing contractor in your local Philadelphia metro. You’ll want to check roofer reviews, ratings, and any special promotions they may be running. You should have at least three or more price quotes from different area roofers to make sure you are getting a fair price for roof replacement. Search for previous customer feedback, and request a fully detailed price quote. Luckily, most research can be done online to make your roof replacement project easier. It’s important to make sure that your hired roofer has experience installing your preferred roof type and also has all certificates and insurance needed for their company and crew. 

Quality vs. Roofing Costs

Did you know that in Philadelphia, it costs around $6,000 to $8,000 for the installation of a new architectural shingle roof? It can be tempting to install the cheapest priced roofing material and hire the lowest quoted roof installer and work with them. It may sound like a good idea at first, but if a roof is not properly installed or starts needing repairs earlier on, it can become costly fast. Investing in a professional installer who has the necessary experience to properly replace your roof is as important as buying quality roofing materials. Invest in both so that you will avoid the hassle of rework. These two come along together to ensure that your invested money does not go to waste with a roof replacement.

Read Your Roof Installation Quote Carefully

Reading your roofing contract carefully before you agree to work with a contractor can save you  a lot of unintended hassle. Look over it at least twice to make sure it includes specific details about the exact roofing materials to be used and the full cost of replacement. Make sure that information, such as roof removal and material disposal, is clearly stated that  it is included in the price or not. And finally, make sure that your hired roofing contractor is following the building codes for your Philadelphia local construction laws. 

Following these steps to make sure you’re getting everything you need out of your new roof installation can help save you time, money, and insure that your home improvement project goes over well. 

Philadelphia Climate Considerations for Your New Roof

Climate is a consideration when choosing roofing materials that are best suited to the weather in your region. Philadelphia receives about 44 inches of rain yearly. The US average is 37. Snowfall is 20 inches with the average U.S. city receiving 25 inches of snow annually.

The average number of rainy days is 119. On average, the city receives sunshine 207 days a year with July highs around 88 degrees. The January low averages around 26 degrees. Philadelphia’s comfort index is 44 out of 100, which is good.

Roofing Permits and Inspections in Philadelphia

Philadelphia requires a building permit for new construction projects and projects that change or alter an existing structure. An inspection by a professional staffer from Licenses and Inspections is also required. You can contact the L&I at two locations. One location is 6100 Rising Sun Ave., phone (215) 685-0580 and 4225 Market St., phone (215) 685-7681.

Types of Roofs

When installing or replacing a roof, one thing to consider is the style of your home’s roof. This can factor into the type of material that can be used to provide the best covering. The following is a short list of roof styles:

  • Gable
  • Gambrel
  • Hip
  • Mansard
  • Flat
  • Saltbox
  • Arched
  • Cross Gabled
  • Other types include butterfly, bonnet, A-frame, pyramid, shed and skillion

Types of Roofing Material

When it’s time to select the roofing material, there are quite a few types and colors to choose from and range in price from inexpensive to expensive.

  • Asphalt shingles – one of the most popular materials due to low cost, durability and easy installation.
  • Metal – if you want to be considered green friendly, metal roofing is the choice. The recyclable material is available in copper, steel and aluminum.
  • Clay roof shingles and slate tiles – carry the most weight. Both materials are long-lasting and recyclable. Installation of these two types requires a separate framework.
  • Fiber cement – lighter in weight than concrete slate and clay, fiber cement roofing is fire proof, durable and recyclable.
  • Other roofing materials include torch down, hot mop, rock, wood or shake shingles and reflective roofing.

Estimated Costs of New Roofing in Philadelphia

Be prepared with your own roofing cost estimate to compare to contractor estimates. There are several free, roofing calculator tools available on the Internet.

Rebates for New Roofing in Philadelphia

Many states and the government offer incentives when a new roof is installed. Check these resources for rebates, tax credits and programs.

Federal tax credits


Philadelphia incentive programs

Philadelphia, PA roof repair & replacement

Other Considerations for Your Philadelphia Roof Project

When the contractor does the calculation for the cost of the roofing materials, it is based on the square footage of the home. What won’t be included are repairs that can’t be seen until the current roofing is removed. There may be areas of wood rot in beams or deteriorated roof decking due to leaks. These types of issues will need to be repaired prior to installing the new roof.

Another area to consider is exterior maintenance. This would include having any tree limbs hanging over the roof be removed to avoid the tree branch causing damage to the roofing material.

You also want to eliminate as much travel as possible on your roof. Prior to the new roof installation, if replacement of fascia board or soffits is on the agenda, or if you’re planning to have the exterior painted, it’s recommended these types of projects be completed to prevent workers traversing across new roofing material.

Also, contact your homeowner’s insurance agent regarding discounts available for upgrading your roof with additional stability against hurricanes or high winds.

When having a new roof installed, you’re adding a layer of energy efficiency, security and comfort that can last from 7 to 100 years depending on the selected material. You’re also increasing your home’s curb appeal and property value. Following the checklist is a helpful reminder for you to cross all the t’s and dot all the I’s which will in turn ensure your investment is secure.