Roofing Information and Ideas for Homeowners

roof demolition Estimating Your Dumpster Size and Cost for a Roofing Project
Planning to reroof your home by yourself? Get ready—you’re going to generate plenty of waste. Roof tear off materials often tally in the tons for weight, meaning you need a generous dumpster to take care of your excess. But just what size dumpster is right? How do you know? Here’s how to make your calculations—before you step foot on your Continue Reading
Man caulking ridge vent How Much Does It Cost to Install a Ridge Vent on Your Roof
Sure, it’s nice to keep the rain off your back, but your roof actually does more than just protect you from the weather. Rooftop ventilation systems help circulate air in your home and vent exhaust from your heating units, keeping the air quality in your home safe and healthy. While not every roof needs a ridge vent per se, your Continue Reading
Tesla solar roof Everything You Want to Know about SolarCity’s New Roof Tiles
Don’t look now, but Tesla’s SolarCity may have just changed the game for residential solar. Their new roofing tiles, announced this October, mark the beginning of consumer integrated photovoltaics—in other words, the integration of solar power-generating surfaces into everyday building materials. Experts and futurists have long been predicting that we’d start seeing a surfeit of solar-enabled surfaces—roads, windows, roofs, and Continue Reading
Christmas Lights outside on a house and in the garden What Christmas Decor Is Not Safe For Roofs?
Santa’s sleigh and eight tiny reindeer, light-up candy canes, Santa’s legs poking out of your chimney, or “Merry Christmas” in bright, blinking letters spelled out across your roof. There’s no limit to the types of Christmas decorations you’ll see on the roofs, typically starting the day after Thanksgiving. From manger scenes to the entire North Pole, people go all out when Continue Reading
Water damaged ceiling and Fungus in bathroom Best Ways to Prevent Water Damage on Your Roof
Does the above picture look scary to you? Though that damage is extreme, it’s exactly what can happen when roof leaks are left unchecked. Luckily, most roof leaks are preventable—and many can be spotted easily with a quick inspection. Here are a few steps you can take today to keep your roof in the best shape possible. Replace Missing Shingles Continue Reading
rain on the roof Blue Roofs: The Newest Innovation in Green Building?
If you’re hip to the newest features in green building, you’ve probably heard about green roofs. Covered in living vegetation, these surfaces not only look cool and otherworldly—they also have a bunch of energy-efficiency benefits as well. The moss planted on them packs a double punch of environmental impact: it cools and shades interiors in the summer, and insulates and protects them Continue Reading
inspecting your home roof The Top 5 Typical Causes of Roof Problems
Roofing horror stories—trust me, we’ve heard quite a few. From the roofing remodel that collapsed after a night of heavy rain to the roofer who removed a vent pipe—and then didn’t bother to patch the hole—there’s definitely a lot that can go wrong with a roof. Of course, those are some of the most extreme cases. Most homeowners won’t experience Continue Reading
contractor-on-rotting-leaky-roof Do Solar Contractors Cover Damages to Roof During Installation?
One thing’s for sure, a lot of people are catching solar fever. Experts predict that residential installations will multiply exponentially from 16.0 GW in 2016 to 121.2 GW in 2025. That’s great news for the environment, but potentially bad news for your roof—especially if your solar installer is something of a PV newbie. An inexperienced contractor could potentially leave you Continue Reading
white-ceiling-paint What is Cool Roof Paint and Should I Use it?
When you’re a homeowner, it’s easy to forget about your roof. After all, if you haven’t given much thought to yours lately, it means it’s probably doing its job of protecting you from the elements. Unfortunately, however, just because you haven’t heard much from your roof doesn’t mean it couldn’t use a little TLC. Specifically, if you live in an Continue Reading
tree falling on roof How Do You Fix a Roof That Has a Tree in It?
It’s every homeowner’s worst nightmare. In the middle of a truly savage storm, you hear a giant crash and realize with a sick feeling that a tree branch has come down on your roof. While that kind of damage can leave you feeling vulnerable and shaken, it’s actually not the catastrophic crisis it seems to be. As long as your Continue Reading

Get a New Roof Over Your Head

Sure, there are countless other improvement projects that are way more interesting, but few are as important than your home’s roof. Protecting your home primarily from rain, a roof is made up of a supporting structure and its outer, uppermost weatherproof layer. It can be made of a variety of materials like aluminum sheeting, precast concrete, wood, and even solar shingles. Shapes and design can vary greatly depending on the look you’re going for, but most agree that durability is a key factor in choosing a roof.

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