Roofing Information and Ideas for Homeowners

Loose slates on a house roof Interview with an Expert: Handling Roof Damage and Maintenance
Even if you aren’t considering a roof replacement right now, sometimes the weather has other ideas in store. When storms strike, they often take their toll on your roof—and repairs can range anywhere from replacing a few shingles to an entirely new roof. Today, we talked with Magie Nunn, of New Braunfels Roof Repair and Leak Experts in New Braunfels, Continue Reading
roof-repair Ask an Expert: How to Find a Roofer with Integrity
The vast majority of roofers are honest and do good work, but every once in a while, homeowners get hooked by “storm chasers,” roofing contractors who come in after a major weather event to fix homes that were damaged by recent storms. These roofers can’t always be trusted to do the job right—and sometimes they aren’t available for fixes if Continue Reading
Ice dams on large home How to Tackle Ice Dams on Your Roof
Icicles on your roof may look quaint and charming, but unless your house is made out of gingerbread, they usually wind up doing a lot more harm than good. Typically, they’re a sign that your roof is forming ice dams—big, hard hunks of ice that build up over the edge of your roof. When ice dams form, they can cause Continue Reading
snowy craftsman house Is Snow Good or Bad for Your Roof?
It’s about that time of year when the snowbanks pile up and the whole world is covered in a blanket of white. While you’ve been bundled up indoors under a pile of blankets—if you’re lucky!—you may not have noticed that your home’s exterior hasn’t been immune to the snow either. A good blanket of snow can have some curious effects on Continue Reading
Widow's walk with a turret Installing a Widow’s Walk on Your Roof
If you hail from the New England area—or have just visited Cape Cod—you’re well versed in the distinct charm and quaint appeal that is the rooftop widow’s walk. These features call to mind the deep regional history of the coastal northeast, and they add a unique touch to modern homes in other parts of the country, as well. They may Continue Reading
red house with multiple cupolas How Do I Install a Decorative Cupola on My Roof?
Love decorating? Why focus all your attention on your home’s interiors? A cupola adds a classic and unique twist to exterior surfaces, making it a loving update that really shows the world just how much you care about your home. Plus, it’s easy enough for a moderately experienced carpenter to install one, too. Read on for the full details below. Continue Reading
roof-styles-1-modernize-com Seven Unique Roof Styles You May Not Know About
When my family and I were building our home, we had three different elevation choices, each with a different roof design. I didn’t think much about how much the style of our roof would change not only the look of our home, but its function and efficiency, too. To be honest, sometimes I wish I would have made a different choice. Continue Reading
flat roof home What You Need to Know About Cold-Climate Flat Roofs
Stylish, modern, and efficient—flat roofs hit a lot of items on your home bucket list. But they also come with a reputation for leaks, cracks, and collapse. While not frequent, per se, the low slope of a flat roof does make it more prone to certain problems, particularly when it interacts with the elements. Excessive rain, heavy snow, and built-up ice Continue Reading
waterproofing concrete roof What You Need to Know About Roof Sealing
Want to extend the life of your roof? Sure, who doesn’t. But in day-to-day life, your roof surface is exposed to sun and rain, wind and weather, storms and ice—and it’s hard to withstand the elements day in and day out without suffering a little wear and tear. While a typical roof can go sometimes go as much as 20 Continue Reading
flat roof with rigid insulation Is a Flat Roof More Energy Efficient than a Pitched Roof?
Flip through the pages of an architectural design magazine, and you’re bound to see flat-roofed homes by the dozens. Flat or low-sloped roofs may garner designer accolades due to their edgy, modern feel, but there’s a lesser-known reason they’re gaining popularity: according to some building professionals, they’re more energy efficient, too. Flat roofs often get a bad rap for their tendency Continue Reading

Get a New Roof Over Your Head

Sure, there are countless other improvement projects that are way more interesting, but few are as important than your home’s roof. Protecting your home primarily from rain, a roof is made up of a supporting structure and its outer, uppermost weatherproof layer. It can be made of a variety of materials like aluminum sheeting, precast concrete, wood, and even solar shingles. Shapes and design can vary greatly depending on the look you’re going for, but most agree that durability is a key factor in choosing a roof.

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