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Roofing Information and Ideas for Homeowners

The time has come for a new roof and there’s a decision to make whether to tear off the old asphalt roofing and replace it or add new asphalt roofing over the existing material. It can be a dilemma, but with a few helpful tips covering the pros and cons, you’ll have the information needed to make the right decision.… Read more
Most roof leaks are preventable—and many can be spotted easily with a quick inspection. Here are a few steps you can take today to keep your roof in the best shape possible. Replace Missing Shingles Immediately Your roof has shingles for a reason. Cracked, bent, and missing shingles all provide an opportunity for leaks. You might see this manifested as… Read more
Before beginning a solar panel system installation, many steps are required to ensure your property is suitable and capable of supporting the equipment. One of the first and most important areas to address is the condition of your roof. This article will discuss the areas of your roof that require close attention, as well as the best way to ensure… Read more
The roof is one of the key areas that keep your home or business safe and secure from the elements. When the roof is damaged by inclement weather, such as a hailstorm, what may start out as a small issue can easily turn into a big problem. The information below covers the telltale signs of hail damage on asphalt shingle… Read more
Flat roofs may seem untraditional, but they’re actually prominent on homes in the Southwest United States—or any arid region. The drier weather of these regions means architects don’t need to worry as much about water stagnating and causing roof damage. However, flat roofs are known to leak more often because water doesn’t roll off the way it does on pitched… Read more
Ignoring the warning signs that your roofing is in trouble will end up costing you in many ways, so it is important to learn how to spot the trouble signs around your house before the damage is done. Here are some tips on what to look for and when it may be time to find a local roof repair contractor… Read more
If you live in an area with soaring summer temperatures, it is important to consider the best roofing materials for your climate. The shingles on your roof play a pivotal role in the longevity of your roof, and the energy efficiency and comfort of your home. While popular, asphalt —and wood— shingles are not best for areas that experience triple-digit… Read more
While energy-efficient appliances and daily energy-conserving practices are effective when it comes to saving money, there’s another way to get at the problem. Choosing efficient building materials for your new construction or retrofit can reduce the load on your heating and cooling system. Unless your home is located in a shaded area, your roof is exposed to direct sunlight for… Read more
When it comes to home improvement projects, a roof replacement tends to feel like one of the most overwhelming. Even if there are no major issues and it’s just time for a roof replacement, your roof is your first line of defense against the elements—and it’s also one of the more costly updates you can make to your home. To… Read more
For all their aesthetic benefits, flat roofs can come with some serious downsides, too. Flat roof surfaces are more prone to leaks, water damage, and problems with mold. Not to mention, you’ll need to replace your flat roof more frequently and maintain it with waterproof coatings and seals. All that moisture exposure tends to wear down roofing materials, meaning a… Read more

Get a New Roof Over Your Head

Sure, there are countless other improvement projects that are way more interesting, but few are as important than your home’s roof. Protecting your home primarily from rain, a roof is made up of a supporting structure and its outer, uppermost weatherproof layer. It can be made of a variety of materials like aluminum sheeting, precast concrete, wood, and even solar shingles. Shapes and design can vary greatly depending on the look you’re going for, but most agree that durability is a key factor in choosing a roof.