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Buying Windows in Nashville, Tennessee

If you have owned a home or apartment for very long, you know that the care and upkeep of your home is a big investment. Not only will you invest significant time and money into turning your home into a space that reflects your personality and suits your lifestyle, you will also be tasked with maintenance and home improvement projects that maintain the value of your home.

One project homeowners face only a handful of times in their life is a complete replacement of the windows in their home. The good news is that most windows are built to last and will maintain a high level of performance through many years of changing weather. If the time has come to replace your windows, you will probably begin to notice you are having trouble opening and closing your windows or you are experiencing drafts caused by air leaks in your window.

Of course, the replacement of all of the windows in your home is a large undertaking. There are many factors to consider when shopping for new windows, including the climate where you live, your own personal preferences, and the city regulations in place for home improvement projects.

If you are a homeowner living in Nashville, Tennessee and you need to replace the windows in your home, this window guide will help you as you begin your search for the right windows. We will take a look at the weather where you live and how this should determine the type of windows you buy. We have also gathered the information you need to know about the city laws in place concerning home improvements in Nashville.

Cost of Window Replacement in Nashville 

There are different kinds of windows available in the market. If you live in Nashville, you do not need huge glass windows as the weather is one of the finest in Tennessee. Typically, Nashville will give you a subtropical climate where there are scattered rain showers and thunderstorms during summers and mild winters. 

Because of the wet climate, your windows are prone to rotting, which can be your reason for Window Replacement in Nashville. The estimated cost will depend on several factors, including the type of window, the design of your house, the current state of your existing windows, the labor fee, and any additional details that you might want to include.

Here are some of the window types common in Nashville houses and the cost of replacement that goes along with it.

Double-hung Window Type

This window type is popular because of its affordable cost and number of choices. Its price ranges from about $250 to $380 per window, which can differ based on the glass quality, framing, and installation fee. Double-hung windows also have various color choices that you can choose from. 

Tilt-Out Window Type

This type has a tilt-out or turning mechanism, hence its name. It costs approximately $250 to $550 per window. The price of the smaller variety to support glass block windows is at an average of $150.

Tilt-out types bend inward and outward to show the glass’s outer part. This mechanism allows you to maintain the window even inside your home, which is why this type is popular in condominium-type residential spaces in Nashville.

Double-pane Window Type

The cost of double-pane windows is at an average of $250 per window but will depend on the window size and the type of glass you will use. It is popular among Nashville homeowners because of its low price and its energy-efficiency.

Double-panes are compatible with various encasement windows. However, there is an added cost for it. Still, homeowners choose this type as it provides an airtight feature, which lowers the risk for water leak and moisture build-up. The space between the two layers of glasses has inert gas that becomes a barrier against the outdoor temperature. Its attribute helps control the indoor temperature, which can help you lower your monthly utility expenses.

Finding Windows for the Climate in Nashville

Nashville is located in the southeastern portion of the United States. The weather in this area of the country is hot and humid during the summer months and mild during winter. The winters are short, and the average low temperature is a mild 48.8 degrees. In contrast, the summers in Nashville are not only hot and humid but also long and the average high is 89 degrees in July, the hottest month of the year.

Each year, Nashville receives an average of 48 inches of rain, while the national average is roughly 31 inches each year. In Nashville, you don’t experience much snow, only receiving an estimated 7 inches each year. Typically, Nashville does not experience severe weather, which means storm windows or shutters are not an investment you need to make when you replace the windows in your home.

When you live in Nashville and you are purchasing new windows, the main factors you need to consider are protecting your home from high heat and humidity. Without adequate windows, it is likely you will experience high cooling bills during the hot and long summers where you live.

The Solar Heat Gain Coefficient rating of a window is a measure by ENERGY STAR® that determines how much solar radiant can pass through a specific window and passively heat the home. This rating can be found on the National Fenestration Ratings Council label placed on new windows. Nashville is located in North-Central Climate Zone and ENERGY STAR® requires all replacement windows in this region have a Solar Heat Gain Coefficient of 0.40 or less.

A second rating found on the National Fenestration Ratings Council label is the U-Factor rating. This rating measures how much heat can leave the home through the window and ENERGY STAR® requires all windows in the North-Central Climate Zone to have a U-Factor rating of 0.30 or less.  

If the windows you are buying for your home are in compliance with ENERGY STAR® guidelines, you are off to a great start. Another important thing to consider is what materials are used to construct the window. For high temperature climates, a vinyl or fiberglass frame is considered to be the most energy efficient and the most resistant to the excess moisture in the air during seasons of high humidity.  Additionally, windows with multiple panes with inert gas filling and triple glazing are consider the be the most efficient in high heat regions.

nashville tn windows

Complying with Nashville Window Replacement Requirements

In Nashville, homeowners are required to get a building permit before making any major alterations to their home. A permit guarantees your home improvement project follows all building codes in place in your city. A permit application and all necessary documents can be filed online through the Department of Construction and Permits E-Permit System.

If you would prefer to submit a permit in person, or if you would like to talk to someone about your application, the office is located at 800 Second Avenue South, Nashville, Tennessee 37210. Permit applications can be submitted between the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday and 7:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. on Fridays. If you have specific questions about your application, you can reach the office at (615) 862-6500.

Unless your window replacement project will cost $25,000 or more, the state of Tennessee does not require contractors to carry a general contractor’s license. However, there are perks to hiring a licensed contractor since a license generally indicates they have a thorough understanding of state permitting laws and have received adequate training to complete major home improvements.

Any contractor you hire should have both general liability insurance and workers’ compensation insurance. In the event that one of the contractor’s employees is injured while working on your home or damage is done to your property, insurance will protect you from any potential expense that could incur.

If you have purchased energy efficient windows that are in full compliance with ENERGY STAR® guidelines, you can expect to save between $59 and $357 on heating and cooling bills. Additionally, when you understand the building codes and permit requirements in your city, you can rest assured you have chosen the appropriate windows for your home in Nashville, Tennessee.