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San Antonio Roof Installation and Repair Buying Guide

Paying for the replacement of your roof is no small expense. The price of roofs vary greatly, largely influenced by the size of the home and type of materials that are being used. In general, homeowners can expect to spend no less than $5,000 and many will spend $20,000 or more.

When making such a large investment in your home, it is crucial that you thoroughly research the many decisions that you will be making during the process. Creating a budget for the project, financing the project, the type of products you buy, and who you hire are all examples of the important decisions you will make when installing a new roof on your home. In this San Antonio roof buying guide, we will provide the information you need to install a new roof, including ENERGY STAR® compliance guidelines, paying for your roof, and the permit and licensing requirements for roof replacement in San Antonio.

Knowing When to Replace Your Roof in San Antonio

The first thing to determine is whether or not it is truly time to replace your roof. In many cases, leaks, buckling, and curling or missing shingles can be repaired but in some cases the problem is serious enough to warrant a full replacement. Age is the easiest way to determine if it is time to buy a brand new roof. If it’s been more than 25 years, it is probably time to invest in a new roof.

San Antonio, TX roof repair & replacement

Buying Roofing Materials Suited for the Climate in San Antonio

In San Antonio, the summer months are hot, with an average high of 95 degrees in August, and mild winters with an average low of 39 in January. When looking for the best roof for your home in San Antonio, look for energy efficient materials with a reputation for longevity and durability.

In regions characterized by a warm climate, there has been a push for the installation of Cool Roofs in recent years. The materials used to build these roofs are reflective, including the paint, sheet, covering, and tiles or shingles used.

Materials used for conventional roofs reflect approximately 20 percent of the solar radiation that hits the surface of the roof but cool roofing products reflect approximately 80 percent of solar radiation. Since cool roofs reflect a large amount of solar radiation, less heat is absorbed by the roof. Because of this, the surface of the roof is 50 percent cooler and the temperature inside of the home drops by several degrees.

ENERGY STAR® has created specific guidelines to simplify the task of finding energy efficient roofing products that are best suited for the climate in San Antonio. In order to place an ENERGY STAR® label on their products, manufacturers must follow these guidelines. How much solar radiation is reflected by a roof is measured by the solar radiation index. In order to meet ENERGY STAR® guidelines, low-slope roofs must have a solar reflectance index of no less than 0.65 and steep-slope roofs must have a solar reflectance of no less than 0.25.

Because of the remarkable benefits of installing a cool roof, they are quickly becoming the new standard for residential and commercial building. These roofs are shown to decrease heating and cooling costs, reducing consumption of nonrenewable resources and reducing power plant emissions. These roofs are also known to reduce local air temperatures.

Paying for a New Roof in San Antonio

All previously available federal tax credits expired in the year 2014 and unfortunately there are no rebates currently available for residents in San Antonio who have installed energy efficient roofs on their home. Homeowners will need to use conventional methods for paying for their new roof, saving to pay cash or applying for a home equity line of credit.

The Texas Housing and Community Development Department offers a few grants to households each year to be used for major home improvements, including roof replacement and repairs. There are specific income requirements and housing requirements attached to these grants, and you can learn more about applying for funds on the Texas Housing and Community Development Department website.

San Antonio Roofing Permit and Licensing Requirements

When making major improvements to a home, including installing a new roof, the city of San Antonio requires a general building permit. When applying for a permit, you will need to present building plans including details about the products you plan to use for the roof. Since building materials must be approved by the Department of Development Services, it is best to wait to make purchases until your permit has been approved. To learn more about applying for a permit, visit the San Antonio Department of Development Services website.

San Antonio requires homeowners to hire a contractor for roof replacements. Any contractor making major home improvements needs have a general builder’s licenses that was issued by the state of Texas. They are also required by law to carry workers’ compensation insurance that will cover any medical expenses or missed work time if one of their employees is injured while working on your home.

Maintaining the Life of Your Roof in San Antonio

When a new roof is installed using high quality materials, it can be expected to remain energy efficient and durable for 20 years or more before the need for another roof replacement arises. Once or twice a year, perform a thorough inspection of your roof, removing debris and looking for signs of damage. By resolving any issues that come up right away, you can avoid further damage that may cause more expensive repairs. If the area where you live experiences any extreme weather, perform additional inspections to check for damage or debris.

A roof that is constructed with materials that comply with ENERGY STAR® guidelines plays an important role in lowering household utility costs, reducing the consumption of nonrenewable energy, and lowering the emissions of pollutants by power plants. Additionally, a new roof is a smart investment since you can expect to recoup an estimated 80 percent of your initial costs if you choose to sell your home.