Are you leveraging social media to bring in quality leads for your home improvement business? Social media puts your message in front of interested buyers, helping you connect with people ready for your services.  

With a wide variety of options for advertising your business, why prioritize social media in your budget? Social platforms have become an undeniable part of digital marketing strategies for home improvement companies, with powerful solutions to spread information about your contracting business quickly. 

Additionally, through branding and social media posts, it ieasier to build relationships with homeowners, leading to increased business opportunities in the future. 

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Contractor Tips: How to Advertise on Social Media

You want to be sure your advertising efforts are effectiveSocial media advertising is both a science and an art – learn from the data and craft the messages that inspire followers to interact with your posts. Consider these social media strategies to help your home improvement business stand out from the competition, giving you an edge to maximize lead generation: 

Find the Right Platform

Where is your target demographic spending the most time online? Knowing your audience is the first step in deciding where to post your content. Pinpoint a profile of your ideal client, then understand where these people are spending their time. In the home improvement industry, Facebook is an excellent platform to focus your digital marketing efforts. 

Follow the 40-40-20 Rule

Now that you know where to connect with your audience online, apply the 40-40-20 rule to your online marketing efforts. This rule guides you in posting the right balance of content.  

Forty percent of your posts should focus on helpful information, 40 percent of your efforts focus on interaction with followers, and the last 20 percent is for brand promotion. This balanced approach offers two benefits: increasing brand awareness and boosting lead generation. 

Play the #Hashtag Game

Hashtags are more than after-thoughts at the end of a post. When used correctly, hashtags can help you connect with unique visitors for your post and/or social media profile. Hashtags enable people to find digital content on a specific topic across all social media platforms.  

For example, homeowners searching for information about bathroom remodeling quickly find relevant posts by searching for tags such as #bathroomremodeling or #bathroomrenovation. Pick the top five popular hashtags to add to each post.

Implementing related hashtags in your post increases the likelihood of your target audience finding the post, thus, spreading a wider net online to connect with homeowners looking for your services. The result: your social media posts increase the chances of homeowners hiring your services. 

Other benefits of using hashtags include: 

  • Increase your number of followers 
  • Get discovered by new audiences 
  • Boost engagement rate on each post 
  • Build a community around your brand 
  • Improve the likelihood of showing up in the search results 

A few tips for using effective hashtags: Stick with numbers and letters in hashtags. Special characters and spaces will not work. 

Social Media: One-to-Many Advertising

You have limited hours in the day, which is why one-on-one conversations only get you so far in building relationships with homeowners. When you are ready to leverage your time and marketing budget more effectively, you must move to a one-to-many strategy.  

Social media is an optimal solution: giving you one place to share your message where countless people interact with your content. As you build your profile and post consistently to your social media pages, it helps to improve your brand presence and authority over time.  

Not only are you sharing valuable information with people who are interested in your services but sharing that information will also help with qualifying your leads – making it easier to convert leads into paying customers. 

Modernize is here to assist with your online lead generation efforts. Contact our pro team to learn more about the ways your home contracting business will benefit from our proven solutions. 

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