Woodbridge Home Exteriors has been fulfilling homeowners’ exterior home improvement needs in the Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas area for over 25 years. Their specialty in replacement windows, siding, and doors makes them a perfect fit for Modernize lead generation campaigns.

Rebekah Lopez, Marketing Manager, for Woodbridge Home Exteriors took a break from her busy schedule to meet us at the Modernize headquarters in downtown Austin, Texas. Watch the video or read through our interview below to find out how we helped them increase their revenue by more than $2.5 million in the past year.



I’m Rebecca Lopez and I’m the Marketing Manager for Woodbridge Home Exteriors. We do replacement windows, siding, and doors. We’re in Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas so we do about 3,000 jobs a year and about $40 million volume. With Woodbridge, I run all of our traditional marketing, so I do all of our media, television, radio, newspaper, and direct mail. I also do all of our digital marketing like managing our website, handling our Google Adwords campaigns, and any third party digital lead aggregators that we work with.

How has your relationship with Modernize progressed?

“We started at a pretty small scale with Modernize – we just wanted to test it out since these were
a new type of lead that we hadn’t really worked with before. After a few months of seeing really good results, we were ready to scale. We’ve scaled quite a bit and have increased our volume and have seen some really good success!”

What more can you tell us about that success?

“So, we’ve been working with Modernize for just over a year now – We’ve done over $2.5 million in net revenue from Modernize leads. I’ve been really pleased with the consistent KPIs that we see. Our set rates, issue rates, and our close rates have all been really steady and predictable and in a good spot to bring us to a positive ROI.”

What is important to you in your relationship with Modernize?

“As a Marketing Manager, I’m constantly working to optimize all of our lead sources and see where we can get better so it’s important to me that a company I’m working with is doing that on their side and they’re equally invested in ensuring the quality of that lead and the experience of the homeowner. Modernize is extremely committed to making sure that the quality is good on the user (the homeowner side) as well as on our side (the contractor side). I’ve been really impressed with the amount of work and the consistent work that Modernize has done to constantly make it better – even when we’re doing great we’re looking for what we can do better.”

How do you work with Modernize to improve?

“I’m sure there’s a lot that goes on in the backend – I see it from my Account Manager. My Account Manager is always prepared for our meetings, always bringing her own data to the table, always looking at what I’m sending her so I can dig into it on my side and she digs it into it on her side and together we always find a solution if there’s a problem or we find new ideas for things that we hadn’t explored before.”

What are some keys to success?

“Definitely the most important thing is to have a well-equipped and successful call center – the bottom line must have! We contact the customer as soon as possible – as soon as we receive the lead goes into our database – we have technology in place to make sure that they’re getting called right away. We’re also making sure that we reach out to them multiple times through multiple avenues like calling, texting, sending an email, if we don’t get a hold of them then we’re going to call them back in an hour – we’re going to call them multiple times over the next couple of days or weeks if we don’t get a hold of them. Besides setting the appointment and being on top of getting in touch with the homeowner, reviewing the data on a regular basis, working with my Account Manager, looking for trends, looking for what we can drill down into and dig into if a KPI is not where we’re used to seeing it. We can break that data down and find out what’s going on.”

Can you describe your relationship with Modernize in one word?

“If I was going to describe Modernize in one word, I think I would choose partnership
because it really is two-sided. They bring just as much work to the table as I do, and we really work well when we work together.”