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Built Better Podcast
How to Run a Successful Contact Center with Suntec Solar
On this episode we’re discussing building and running a successful contact center. We welcome the Director of Marketing for Suntec…
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Solar Success Stories
Customer Testimonials
Windows Success Stories
Customer Testimonials
Roofing Success Stories
How to Use SMS Marketing
Technology has changed the way we communicate. Many people do not prefer phone calls, especially when a call is from an unknown number.…
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HVAC Success Stories
Built Better Podcast
Homeowner Insights 2022 on Built Better Podcast
On Episode 29 of the Built Better Podcast, we learn that understanding homeowner behavior is the key to running your business better. Each…
How to Sell to Homeowners Without a Budget
This summer, we released our annual Homeowner Sentiment Report findings, resulting from a recent survey of more than 23,000 homeowners. It…