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How to Alleviate Stress for Homeowners Starting a Roofing Project
Getting started with a roofing project is often an overwhelming experience for many homeowners. Once homeowners have begun investing in a…
Homeowners Spending and Budgeting Shifts During COVID-19
COVID-19 has challenged and changed countless aspects of our lives over the past year. Homeowners’ preferences, spending habits, and…
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How to Manage Lead Sources and Turn Converted Leads to Sales
Join us for an inside view of Jacuzzi and their efforts to implement digital marketing in the home improvement ecosystem. We will be…
Homeowner Project Plans: Summer 2021
We are experiencing changes in the construction and remodeling industry as homeowners are changing their priorities for home improvement…
Exploring the Pandemic’s Impact on Homeowner Project Preferences
It is no surprise that the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic affected both business owners and consumers. Understanding these trends is…
Are Leads Costing More Because of the Labor Shortage?
The current labor shortage has been an unfortunate ongoing issue. This is even more apparent with the arrival of COVID. With the arrival of…
How to Handle The Supply Shortage in 2021
COVID-19 has undoubtedly affected many aspects of the home improvement industry, and lumber supply is one of them. With the soaring price…
How to Address Homeowner Pain Points for Bathroom Remodeling
Do you notice the same conversation themes coming up when consulting with homeowners about bathroom remodeling projects? As you identify…