As a business owner, you know that the success of your business starts with the quality of your leads. Ultimately, your profits increase when you are closing more deals and hitting sales goals. If you are looking for solutions to improve close rates and sales numbers, then take a step back to evaluate how your team is nurturing and working home improvement leads. 

The key to success in your home improvement business is to ensure you are getting quality leads through the door. Investing in a lead generation service allows your sales team to focus on nurturing relationships with these leads instead of spending their work hours trying to find new leads. Let a team of professionals do the hard work and have confidence knowing that your sales team is spending their time working a quality list. 

Sales reps can improve their speed-to-lead tactics and follow-up strategies, leading interested homeowners to sign contracts and move forward with their projects at a higher rate. 

If you are looking for solutions to improve your sales team results and increase profitability when working with home remodeling leads, then follow these proven tips: 

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Tip #1: Speed to Lead 

The faster you reach out to each lead, the better the chance you will have to establish a relationship and close the deal. “Speed to Lead” tactics focus on gateway strategies to help you connect with homeowners.  

Data shows that an immediate response is a powerful way to leverage your leads effectively:  

  • Hatch recently reported that contractors are 21x more likely to set an appointment when responding to a new lead within five minutes. 
  • Immediately calling your leads improves your contact rate by 391 percent. 
  • Our dedicated account managers state that the contractor that makes the first contact increases their chances of getting the sale by 80 percent.

Reach out immediately, then “wow” them with effective message delivery in under 30 seconds. This method taps into the initial excitement and moves each homeowner closer to starting the project. 

Tip #2: Following Up

Follow-up strategies are a critical factor when developing your sales funnel. These strategies determine whether or not you succeed in establishing a relationship with each homeowner you meet. The best way to prevent a lead from going cold is by implementing a follow-up system that nurtures the leads and supports each homeowner’s unique needs. Include these essential follow-up steps in your process of working with home improvement leads: 

  • Post Inquiry: Reach out immediately when a person inquires about available services. 
  • Pre-Appointment: Establish another point of contact by reaching out to the lead before the appointment (i.e., an appointment reminder). 
  • Post Estimate: Once you provide estimate information for the project, create a post-estimate opportunity for homeowners to ask questions and personalize their project plans. 
  • During the Project: Ongoing communication with each homeowner keeps everyone on the same page through all stages of the project. 
  • Post-Project Completion: Just because the project is finished does not mean that you are done talking to the homeowner. Staying connected through post-project completion often leads to repeat customers and new referrals. 

Tip #3: CRM Integration

Make sure your lead source integrates with your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. When you have a streamlined integration with lead generation and CRM software, you enjoy these benefits: 

  • Improved organization 
  • Establish and measure Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) 
  • Reduce human error 
  • Save time and money 

The goal is to create a seamless flow of homeowner information starting from the receipt of a lead through the end of the project. A good system gives you an organized view, so your team has access to everything needed to contact each homeowner, schedule appointments, and close the deal. 

Research shows that when home improvement businesses embrace technology, overall performance improves by at least 20 percent compared to those working without technology. Additionally, businesses that leverage reporting and data monitoring experience year-over-year revenue increases as high as 30 percent. 

Lead Generation Support

When youteams work with home improvement leads, ensure that they have a list of the highest quality leads to optimize overall results. Learn more about available services by talking to our team of professionals at Modernize. We are here to help. 

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